Our Fantasy Football Recap–Five Lessons Learned from the 2014-15 Season


The Boldin Beautiful Fantasy Football League is now over. Money was won and lost, egos were crushed, and a champion was crowned. Team Weiss struggled out of the gate, regrouped, stepped up to the challenge, and beat everyone in his path. Even the head writer of F&TS was a victim. Josh beat Team Marin in the regular season, and more importantly, over two weeks of the playoffs. It’s time to recap our thrilling fantasy football season, highlight what we learned, and call out the biggest losers in our league. Here are our top five lessons of the year.

5. Team Weiss is in our Crosshairs

Team Weiss began the season 0-2 and then rattled off nine wins in a row. Then came Week 12Team Marin ended Josh’s streak by two points and was hoping to repeat his luck in the playoffs. It didn’t happen. Team Weiss has painted a huge bullseye on his back. It will be up to the entire rest of the league to step up our game, do better research, and do more mock drafts. It’s going to be tough to dethrone the champ, Josh knows his fantasy football. Challenge accepted.

Sniper Fury

4. Team Velez Smokes the Same Stuff as Jay Cutler

Even today, Team Velez is shooting himself in the foot for starting Smokin’ Jay Cutler in Week 15. We recapped the madness of the Monday Night Football game between the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears in our Winners and Losers post. Joel’s decision to start Cutler led Team Marin to a two-point victory and the spot in the finals. Ouch and thank you. Better luck next time.

Jay Cutler proves smoking does kill. | Just ask Team Velez.

3. Cheaters Never Win

Sorry Team Rich, once F&TS called out the team owner on the suspected use of a ringer to set his lineup, he went back to his losing ways. We weren’t able to fully prove our suspicions, but history proved us right.cheatersreferee

2. Team Vega Sucks

He doesn’t really suck, but at times he does sucky things that leave you flabbergasted. We wrote on November 27 that Team Vega wanted to see a breakdown of which owners would make the playoffs. The only problem was the season wasn’t over. The last playoff spot was still undecided. To quote ourselves, “Huge guy code violation, you should know better. This is like talking about a no-hitter by a pitcher the 6th inning, you just don’t do it.” After his request, his name was immediately changed to the “Kiss of Death.”

Team Vega aka “The Kiss of Death.”

1. The “Commish” is Delusional

We have to give Craig “the Commish” credit. He is a staunch defender of his positions. He missed the playoffs and had a horrible fantasy season and how did he react. The Commish’s exact words were, “I love my draft and I have a great chance to win the season.” Wow, can you spell D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L?