How to Get Shredded Abs Like Brazilian Bombshell Alice Matos


Futbol fans are familiar with the names Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Kaka. Well, Brazil has produced another one-named superstar–Alice. One look at this athlete, journalist, and businesswoman and you’re in awe. Alice is one of the most popular fitness influencers on the ‘gram. We can see why. The abs of Brazilian fitness model Alice Matos put her in a class by herself. So let’s get to know her better.

It Starts With Her Core

Matos revealed in an interview with Simply Shredded that she played futbol, basketball, and volleyball growing up, but only got serious about fitness a few years ago. She hired a personal trainer to develop a killer summer body. Well, mission accomplished. After a year of intense training and a strict diet, Matos transformed her body to a competition level. There isn’t another set of abs that can compete with Alice Matos. Alice said, “I went to three different bodybuilding competitions; in Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, and in [the U.S.] It was truly an amazing experience and when I look back on things I feel happy to see how far I have come.”

Hard Work Pays Off

Alice was blessed with amazing genetics–for sure. But maintaining her physique takes an insane fitness regiment. She works out at least five times a week, combining cardio and Muay Thai training with weightlifting. Alice focuses on one part of her body each day of the week. She alternates between lower and upper body workouts using both machines and free weights. In the Simply Shredded interview, she listed barbell squats, the bench press, and a back row as her go-to exercises. She typically does three sets for 12-18 reps. We’re tired just writing about the regiment. But as you can see–persistence paid off.

The Empire Grows

Matos actively competed in bodybuilding competitions from 2011 to 2015, participating in the Arnold Classic and the International Federation of Body Building meets (IFBB) in Brazil and Spain. Alice leveraged her growing fame to become a social media superstar and entrepreneur. She owns and operates her own clothing line, LaBellaMafia. The athleisure collection features jackets, tops, accessories, supplements, and of course leggings. LaBellaMafia’s Instagram page alone has nearly one million followers already. Check out the collection’s most popular promotional video:

Follow Her

Alice is badass and crush-worthy. But sorry, she’s happily married. Maybe next time or she could hook you with a friend. We wish her continued success. You can help Alice reach two million followers on Instagram here and like her Facebook page too.