Sprinter Alica Schmidt is More Than Her Viral Images


We will get to the images and our profile of German sprinter Alica Schmidt in a moment. But first, we wanted to share some developments on First & Ten Sports.

Times Change

F&TS launched as a way to chronicle the fun associated with our Fantasy Football league play. We focused on the trash talk, the stupid team names, and the motivational tools we used to try to gain a competitive edge. Amongst our core friends, that meant associating beautiful women with our teams. From there, we dedicated a whole section of the site to cover the exploits of these glamour models, early social media stars, and female celebrities. For some context, our site launched when the way culture presented beautiful women was less evolved. We grew up in a time when “lad” mags like Maxim, FHM, Stuff, and others dominated pop culture. Those were fun times, but we’ve grown up and the way culture presents women is changing too.

The Immediate Future of F&TS

Before you accuse us of cowardly surrendering to the #MeToo movement, we’re not. But as the editors behind the site have matured, so has the culture around us. We’re not going to begrudgingly fight progress and present an editorial perspective from the 1990s. The changing face of feminism challenges us to be better. We still want to introduce you to the most beautiful women on the planet, but we will do so in a new way. We will explore what makes these women captivating, beyond their good looks, and learn from their expertise and determination.

Change is good and without knowing it, our editorial shift has already taken place. If you read our profile of Tatiana Girardi, you saw not only is she is beautiful, she’s an accomplished businesswoman, mother, and fitness competitor. That’s the new direction of the site. We will be presenting a more nuanced and comprehensive look at the women we feature. We hope you enjoy our work. Now, let’s delve deeper into the strength behind Puma sponsored runner, Alica Schmidt.

Schmidt is a Fast Learner

Alica Schmidt grew up in Ingolstadt, Germany, the city best known for being the home of the Audi car company. From a young age, Schmidt ran throughout her hometown. Her father ran track and Schmidt followed suit, joining athletic clubs by the age of seven. Soon Schmidt was competing in relay races, long jumps, and even 400-meter races. As her career in running began to take flight, it soon became evident that her small town just wouldn’t be enough to provide for her needs. So by the time Schmidt was high-school age, she had moved to Berlin, where she joined the prestigious SCC Sports Club.

World-Class Track Star

Schmidt trained in several track and field disciplines, including the long jump and hurdles, but where she’s excelled in middle distance running. She primarily runs the 200-meter, 400-meter, and 800-meter distances. Her best event is the 400-meter race, where she’s medaled in several national and international events.

Schmidt told Infleur in 2018, “My biggest [track and field] achievement is the Silver medal with the 4×400 relay during the European U20 Championships last year in Grosseto.” I won a Silver also this year over 400m hurdles in the German Championships U23, but an international title simply counts more. Winning with my relay team also made it very special, because team moments are rare and precious.

A back injury derailed her training for three months in 2018, but now healthy, Schmidt is back on the track. The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo was a bit of a long shot for Schmidt, but could she make the 2021 German track and field team? Possibly, but only time will tell.

The Whole “Sexiest” Moniker

Schmidt emphasizes that she’s an athlete first, not a model or social media influencer. But her world-class beauty brought her a level of fame never anticipated. Like many of her peers, Schmidt decided to chronicle her life on Instagram. After purchasing a professional-quality camera, Schmidt added images from her vacations, as well as training on the field. Her profile soon got the attention of the Australian magazine, Busted Coverage who called her the “World’s Sexiest Athlete.” Almost overnight, Schmidt’s follower count exploded. While her social media fame has allowed her to connect with lifestyle brands for sponsorships, she’s hesitant to embrace to whole sex-symbol thing. Just 23 years of age, that’s a lot of pressure to put on a young athlete dealing with fame for the first time.

She told Yahoo Australia, “I do not know why I got this title. Sport comes clearly first,” she said. “There are thousands of girls on Instagram who look good but having many fans doesn’t make you interesting.”

As the focus on her body has increased, Alica Schmidt has become more guarded about her personal life. She’s already refused an offer to pose in Playboy and learned to deal with inappropriate comments on her Instagram images and rude private messages. She tries to take the online fame in stride, but online harassment can hurt even the strongest young athlete.

How Does Schmidt Relax?

When she is not training, Alica Schmidt enjoys shopping and eating out with her friends. Her favorite cheat foods are sushi and chocolate. That’s why there are some many food images on the Instagram profile of Alica Schmidt. Millennials.

In terms of advice for her fans and followers, Schmidt said, “Do what makes you happy and don‘t care about what other people think about what you are doing. Surround yourself with good people, act positive, and work hard?.”

Schmidt is a multi-layered young woman with goals. She’s involved in disaster relief efforts in Indonesia and extremely supportive of her fellow German teammates. The least we can do is support the social media images of Alica Schmidt. Let’s get her follower count over one million. Respectfully of course.