Valeria Orsini Is A Triple Threat of Hotness


What do you get when you mix Colombian, Puerto Rican, and Italian genes? The most alluring fitness model on the ‘gram.

The first time you see model and fitness influencer Valeria Orsini, you’ll think you died and went to heaven. Orsini is the kind of beauty that inspires works of art. Just ask her more than four million followers on Instagram. She joins a long line of beautiful Colombian women causing our collective temperatures to rise including, Sofia Vergara and Demi Rose.

But Orsini isn’t solely Latinx–she hit the genetic jackpot. Orsini was born in Atlanta to a Colombian mother and Italian and Puerto Rican father. Damn! Let’s find out more about Ms. Orsini, who calls Miami, Florida home.

Courtesy: Nerdgasm

Career Aspirations and Life Goals

Orsini studied “Occupational Therapy” at Keiser University. She was discovered by a photographer in her freshman year of college and signed a professional modeling contract. Since then, she has endorsed several lifestyle brands and graced the covers of the Latin Mix calendar, South Florida Chronicle, Mixed Magazine, and featured in Krown Magazine, and Nine5Four Magazine.

As her modeling portfolio grew, Orsini never lost her passion for fitness and combat sports. She practices Muay Thai and is a trained boxer. For life goals, Orsini would love to star in a kickass action movie. If you follow her on the ‘gram or visited her website, she routinely uploads her signature workout videos. By the looks of her figure, her routines are working. We don’t think we can keep up.

Courtesy: Valeria Orsini Instagram as seen on Maxim

The Important Details

Orisini considers herself a good dancer, but we won’t believe unless we see it in person. When she isn’t working out, she enjoys traveling to exotic locations across the globe including the Maldives and the beaches of Thailand.

We’ve researched the issue and even brought in experts, but we can’t confirm Orsini’s current relationship status. As for men, Orsini has been quoted saying—she likes “a smart man that can teach me things, that also has my back and will protect me, but someone down to earth to level out my crazy life.” A few words of advice if you’re lucky enough to take Valeria Orsini out. She doesn’t kiss on the first date. Orsini says, “You gotta work for those.”

Courtesy: My Health Exercise

Valeria, continued good luck in all your future projects and endeavors. If we’re ever casting the definitive Colombian martial arts smack down film, you’ll get the lead. Make sure you follow Orsini on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.