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Boldin Beautiful Fantasy League Scores, Week 15

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Fantasy Football is the Devil.

Monday night’s game between the Saints and the Bears was meaningless for the real NFL playoffs. But in the Boldin Beautiful Fantasy League, a spot in the finals was on the line. Team Velez versus Team Marin would be battling into Tuesday morning for the right to play Team Weiss.

After Week 14, Team Marin had a 10 point lead going into Monday night. Unfortunately, his RB 1, the fake Shady McCoy, laid a six-point egg that cost Team Marin its comfortable lead. Team Marin thought he had two aces in the hole. He had Bears’ TE Martellus Bennett and WR Alston Jeffery starting on Monday night. Unfortunately, Team Marin ignored that Team Velez had Jay Cutler as his QB. DAMN. So any TD pass he threw, most likely to Bennett or Jeffrey would give Team Velez points.

Team Marin’s duo of TE Martellus Bennett and WR Alshon Jeffery was almost defeated by Team Velez and his QB Jay Cutler.

Monday Night Recap

In the first half, Cutler had -3 points including an INT and Team Velez’s TE Jimmy Graham was a non-factor. In the 3rd quarter, a jump pass from Brees to Graham in the end zone would have clinched the finals spot. The pass was broken up and Paul, the team owner exhaled briefly. In the fourth quarter, the Bears started moving the ball. The last spot in the winner’s bracket would come down to the wire.

With less than five minutes remaining, Martellus Bennett had five points and Alshon Jeffery hadn’t scored a TD. Cutler and the Bears finally got the ball in the end zone, but not to one of Team Marin’s starters. WR Marques Wilson caught the touchdown. DAMN again. Joel overtook Paul for the lead and the last spot. Team Marin thought his night was over but then the Saints scored a quick TD. Paul’s Bears would have 1:42 to get into the finals. Team owners started texting furiously proposing side bets on who would win.

On the Bears last drive of the game, Jeffrey makes a 20-yard reception and the score is tied. But Paul still needs a TD from Bennett or Jeffrey for a win. With less than a minute in the game, Cutler hits Jeffery in the end zone. TOUCHDOWN and Team Marin wins by a final score of 186-184.

The Aftermath

HOLY CRAP. To celebrate this improbable win, Paul poured himself a Hudson Baby Bourbon on the rocks. Joel’s reaction to the heartbreaking loss, “I hope you go down [in] flames you lucky son of a bitch.” Thanks for the words of encouragement. It’s Team Marin vs. Team Josh in the finals.

The rest of the Week 15 scores were:

#3 Team Velez184#4 Team Brandi140
#2 Team Marin186#1 Team Weiss172
Consolidation LadderConsolidation Ladder
#6 Team Mark & Brian159#8 Team George139
#5 Team Rich198#7 Team Super Mario232
#10 Team Marino170#12 Team Vega153
#9 The Commish180#11 Team Corn203

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