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Team Vega Has Been Renamed “The Kiss of Death”

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The Cooler.

FTS  got an interesting request this week from Team Vega. He wanted to see a breakdown of the owners would make the playoffs of the Boldin Beautiful Fantasy League. Larry, newsflash— the season isn’t over. Just because your team sucks, doesn’t mean you “F” it up for the rest of us. Huge guy code violation, you should know better. This is like talking about a no-hitter in the 6th inning, you just don’t do it.

Seattle Mariners starter Felix Hernandez sits alone in the team dugout. Jim Bryant Photo. ©2008. All Rights Reserved.

Las Vegas has its Coolers, you know employees with such bad luck that they can freeze a player’s hot streak. Baseball has its superstitions. Bleacher Report wrote about ignoring a pitcher when he is the midst a no-no. “Leaving the pitcher alone during a start is commonplace, but if he has a no-hitter going, you might as well go sit in the other dugout. This superstition is one that stretches outside of the two dugouts, however.

Broadcasters risk jinxing things if they reference the no-hitter during the game, so they find every way around saying the words “no-hitter” while still trying to alert the fans to what is happening.

If silence is good enough for baseball, a sport that’s been around for over 100 years, superstitions are good enough for Fantasy Football. That’s why from now Team Vegas is the “Kiss of Death.” Congrats on your nickname.

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