The Most Annoying Celebrity Fans of the NBA, Ranked

The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship for the first time in franchise history in 2018. The Raptors have nurtured a rabid fan base over the 24 years of their history. During their playoff run, Raptors’ fever extended beyond the…

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Grading the New York Knicks Free Agency Fails

The rumors were too good to be true. The Knicks traded Kristaps Prozingis to Mavericks to free up cap space and get draft picks. The New York Knicks finally had sufficient payroll flexibility to sign two max free agents this off-season.…

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Five Reasons Why Top NBA Draft Pick Zion Williamson Will be a Bust

There is an ongoing debate amongst NBA fans. Who is the next Michael Jordan? Some say, Kobe Bryant, while others unequivocally believe LeBron James is the best player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. With King James entering his 16th…

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Lack of Chemistry Unites Bitter Rivals Lakers and Celtics

It was the late seventies. NBA conference finals were on tape delay and CBS Sports didn't broadcast NBA Finals on live television. Several players throughout the league were caught up in cocaine scandals. The sport was less popular than…

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The Unicorn Is The Latest Sign NBA Players Have Too Much Stroke

The New York Knicks traded F/C Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks on Thursday night. The move rocked NYC, the center of the basketball universe. The Knicks received a package of Dennis Smith Jr., Wesley Matthews, DeAndre Jordan,…

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NBA Comings and Goings (Rumored)

No Brotherly Love for Fultz The Philadelphia Sixers are all in. They continue to make moves to be the top seed in the NBA Eastern Conference. During the off-season, they brought in veteran swingman Wilson Chandler for depth and shooting…

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NBA Off-Season Moves: Kawhi Forces an Exit From the Spurs

All Eyes on Kawhi The rocky relationship between the enigmatic Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs has finally come to end. Leonard, an NBA Finals MVP, two-time Defensive Player of the Year, and an All-NBA First Team member was traded…

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NBA WC Finals Aftermath; Houston We Have a Problem

Houston Rockets Basketball Style Can't Win It All. The Mike D'Antoni-led Houston Rockets deserve credit for their 2017-18 NBA season. They finished with 65 wins in the regular season and accumulated the highest winning percentage in the…

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The 5 Worst NBA Playoff Performances Since the ’90s

Worst NBA Playoff Performances E-V-E-R. When the NBA playoffs roll around, I'm often reminded of Cotton McKnight, the play-by-play announcer for the Las Vegas International Dodgeball Open on ESPN's "The Ocho." As Cotton would say...the NBA…

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