Fantasy Football Winners and Losers, Week 12 (2014-15)


“He’s Not a Machine, He’s a Man.”

FTS is not one to gloat—but one of the most impressive win streaks in the Boldin Beautiful Fantasy League has come to an end. Coming into Week 12, Team Weiss had won nine fantasy football matchups in a row. He seemed virtually indestructible. But he wasn’t and which team owner took down Team Weiss? FTS lead writer, Team Marin. The final score was 99-96. Teams Weiss and Marin remain in first place in the respective conferences with one week left in the regular season. You can cut the tension with a knife.

By the way, how great was Tony “Duke” Evers in Rocky IV?

Players Doing Work

Team Marin has gotten very little production from his running backs but has lucked out from consistently strong performances from QB Tom Brady, TEs Greg Olsen, Martellus Bennett and his WRs Alshon Jeffery and Emmanuel Sanders. He is going to need his core performers and get points from either his defense or his kicker. Pablo starts the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his kicker is Stephen Gostkowski of the Patriots.

So why the fancy feature image for the end of the streak? Well, Team Weiss is a huge New York Giants fan, so the image of QB Tony Romo crying after defeat is symbolic. Plus we knew that picking the Cowboys to depict his loss would piss him off.

Carolina Panthers’ Greg Olsen (88) catches a pass as New Orleans Saints’ Kenny Vaccaro (32) defends in the first half of an NFL football game in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015. (AP Photo/Bob Leverone)