Paulina Gretzky Makes Golf Watchable–That’s Why She’s the Great One


When you’re the daughter of NHL Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky and actress Janet Jones, you bound to get attention. But when you are as gorgeous as Paulina Gretzky, you’re going to be our attention. The twenty-something grew up in Canada but now makes the U.S. her home. Her Instagram feed made her a favorite of hot-blooded American males as well as shoots for magazines including Maxim. But the real claim to fame for Paulina Gretzky is making golf increasingly more watchable and dare us say-sexy.

paulina gretzky
Paulina Gretzky | Maxim | Dec. 2013

Gretzky is a WAG too

Gretzky was already F&TS worthy, but her impending nuptials to PGA professional Dustin Johnson has earned her elite WAG status. Anyone who can make golf sexy deserves attention. Don’t believe us, check out her infamous photoshoot for Golf Digest. The magazine wrote, [she] is a certified celebrity within the golf world, as much a subject of fascination at tournaments as the guy she’s there watching. Now factor in that she’s an attractive, fit woman who — like many of our prospective readers — is fairly new to golf, and she seemed a natural cover subject for our second annual issue devoted to fitness.

paulina gretzky golf
Paulina Gretzky – Golf Digest Magazine May 2014 Issue

Quiet, please.

paulina gretzky golf
Paulina Gretzky | Golf Digest

Learn More about Gretzky

Golf Digest interviewed Paulina Gretzky about growing up around golf and her relationship with Dustin Johnson. She told the magazine, “Golf isn’t something that comes naturally. It’s like when Dustin asks me to go fishing. I’ve never been taught how to fish. I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t want to look dumb. It’s the same with golf. People think they’re going to look dumb. The first swing I took in my dad’s tournament, I whiffed it in front of 30 people. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to me because I’m really competitive like my mom and dad, and it made me want to keep trying.”

In conclusion. We encourage you to follow Paulina Gretzky on Instagram and her other social media channels. It could help your golf game–if you’re not too distracted.