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President Battles Pro Athletes On Friday, Warriors guard Steph Curry told reporters he’d rather not attend the White House to commemorate the team’s 2017 NBA title. Curry is the latest pro athlete to speak out against the administration’s policies and rhetoric in the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville. The President has

Returning to Form LA Rams’ RB Todd Gurley must be getting trolled hard by fantasy football GMs again. Last season, Gurley was ranked #1 RB on several pre-draft boards. Then Gurley severely underperformed in the regular season and faced the wrath of fantasy players on social media. Thankfully, Gurley has

Tight Ends are Lethal Weapons Hats off to Antonio Gates of the Chargers. Today, Gates caught the 112th TD reception of his career. The catch broke the record for touchdowns by a tight end previously held by Chiefs great Tony Gonzalez. It’s our best highlight of Week 2. Beginning in San

It Can Get Late Early The toughest part of playing Fantasy Football is the first month of the season. It’s difficult to accurately judge players with this small sample size. Prognosticators use historical data from the previous year to make pre-season projections. It doesn’t hurt to call the Psychic Network either.

Airing It Out The NFL’s Mount Rushmore of QBs has been Manning, Rodgers, Brees, and Brady for nearly a decade. Peyton has retired and Eli hasn’t been consistent enough to take his brother’s place. But, going into Week 2 as the Falcons welcome play the Packers, Matt Ryan wants that number

Toting the Rock Fantasy team owners took a punch to gut last week with the wrist injury to David Johnson. The news must have felt like a Triple G or Canelo body shot to the ribs. Thankfully, we drafted no. 4 in our league and didn’t get a chance to

Fantasy is a Curse Word Fantasy sports is our generation’s crack. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FTSA) reported that 59.3 North Americans play fantasy sports annually. First of all, who knew that there was a trade association for fantasy sports? Second, 60 million players, that’s a lot of vulgar team

A Bad Marriage is a Bad Marriage We don’t want to say we told you so, but when 10-year veteran and former All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson signed with the New Orleans Saints, we thought, “WTF.” Peterson wants to be fed the rock constantly–he believes it gets him into a

It’s Fake News Episode 33 of The Jake Brown‘s Show kickoffs with a recap of the Game 4 win by the Boston Celtics over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Championship. Not exactly earth shattering news now, but leave it to Brown to find the nugget worth talking about. According to Cavs’

Provocative Sports Talk It times like these when I love what I do. I met Jake Brown, former CBS Sports Digital Content Manager, about a year ago. Friend of the site” Lisa Ramos and I were promoting her first book and Jake was kind enough to have us in-studio. On top