NFL Fantasy Football Matchups To Watch, Week Five (2014)


Welcome to week five of the NFL and our preview of this week’s Fantasy Football matchups. The Kansas City Chiefs vs The San Francisco 49ers is one of the most intriguing matchups of the week. Amongst our group of friends, the game is known as The Commish vs The Genius game. Alex Smith, the formers Niners’ signal-caller and number one overall draft pick, makes his anticipated return to the Bay Area. The SF Examiner wrote, “When [Alex Smith] takes the field at Levi’s Stadium in the other uniform Sunday with Kansas City, there will be mixed emotions for everybody involved.”

Smith’s NFL career has been a series of stops and starts. The Niners selected Smith first overall in the 2005 NFL Draft after record-setting seasons at the University of Utah. Smith was expected to be the Niners franchise quarterback of the future. But those lofty expectations, injuries, and constant changes to the Niners offensive strategy contributed to an unsuccessful tenure in SF. Smith said about his return on Sunday, “No bitterness at all,” Smith said. “What happened there the end of the (2012) year, losing my job, you get to that point and I say this a lot, worrying about anything that was outside your control and dwelling on any of that stuff is only going to have a negative impact.”

Fantasy Football Matchup Projections

Personally, we are New York Giants fans, so the matchup isn’t as sexy as the rest of the NFL thinks it is. If it were possible, we want both teams to lose. But from a fantasy football perspective, it will be interesting to see if Smith has a big game. Smith played extremely well in a 41-14 Monday night victory over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. In the game, he threw for 248 yards and three touchdowns. The defensive matchup against the Niners is different, but Andy Reid’s coaching has revitalized Smith’s career. F&TS West Coast Correspondent Mike Hunt will be filing reports from Levi Stadium in between sips of Cabernet Sauvignon and an aged gouda.

In our own fantasy league, our week 5 fantasy football matchups could play out this way. Good luck to our General Managers and the Commissioner. Remember the stakes are high and the trash talk will be vicious.

Team MarindefeatsTeam Corn103-102
The CommishdefeatsTeam Brandi114-110
Team WeissdefeatsTeam Velez97-90
Team RichdefeatsTeam Mario112-90
Team GeorgedefeatsTeam Vega86-76
Team MarinodefeatsTeam Mike & Brian126-97