It’s been way too long since we featured a young lady that inspires greatness. After taking one look at Francesca Webb, I am sure you will agree…it was worth the wait. Ladies, if you want to be featured on our site, email your name and Instagram account to First and Ten

Taking his Honey-Nut Cheerios to Go If NBA pundits are to be believed (and why wouldn’t we…they are always right) All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony will play for his third team by the start of the 2017-18 NBA regular season. Anthony’s final destination is rumored to be the Houston Rockets. Photo: Ishaan

Video courtesy of On July 12, 2017, it became official. Midfielder James Rodriguez was transferred to Bayern Munich for two years. The transfer caps a tumultuous two years for Colombia’s favorite son with Real Madrid. Shocking Move from Real Madrid Rodriguez signed with “Los Blancos,”  after his thrilling efforts

It’s Fake News Episode 33 of The  Jake Brown‘s Show kickoffs with a recap of the Game 4 win by the Boston Celtics over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Championship. Not exactly earth shattering news now, but leave it to Brown to find the nugget worth talking about. According to Cavs’

NY B-Ball Can’t Get It Right The latest episode of “The Jake Brown Show” includes the host’s recap of the NBA Draft Lottery and its impact on the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks. I am a die-hard Knicks fans and can’t stand the team from hipster heaven. But even I

Provocative Sports Talk It times like these when I love what I do. I met Jake Brown, former CBS Sports Digital Content Manager, about a year ago. Friend of the site” Lisa Ramos and I were promoting her first book and Jake was kind enough to have us in-studio. On top

Could Only Happen to the Knicks On Wednesday, February 8, the Knicks lost again. In an “only in New York” moment, 90’s fan-favorite Charles Oakley was arrested. James Dolan stated in media reports and a radio interview on ESPN New York that Oakley was drunk, angry and intended to confront the Knicks

Image Source: Getty / Kevin C. Cox via PopSugar  Haters going to hate I took off my sports reporter hat on Sunday and was an unabashed Atlanta Falcons fan. I didn’t want to see the New England Patriots win a fifth Super Bowl championship. So by halftime, I was in

Creating A More Beautiful Game Yes, I know the big NFL game is on February 5 and by 11:30 PM EST we should know if the Falcons or Patriots won. The pre-game hype and Media Day have become as important to the game to most fans. Sports journalist Ines Sainz

Her Looks Could Launch a Thousand Ships Friends of First and Ten Sports, I owe you a huge apology. I haven’t published a “women that inspire greatness” post in a minute. Thankfully, I have come to my senses. Meet Demi Rose, one of the most beautiful women in the world.