Michael Jordan Is the GOAT of Trash Talk Too


F&TS has complicated emotions about Michael Jordan. On the one hand, we hand posters of him on our walls when we were young. But by the time we got to high school and college, we were diehard New York Knicks fans. We could no longer root for Jordan. But as time has gone on, we’ve learned one thing. Michael Jordan is the GOAT and in particular, the GOAT of trash talking. If you use the google machine you’ll discover Jordan stands alone on the mountain top. Forget the time when Larry Bird asked competitors before an All-Start Three-Point Shooting Contest “who’s coming in 2nd.” This story about Jerry Stackhouse takes first prize.

Courtesy: Epicbuzzer

Jordan Sings While Beating His Opponents

Former NBA guard Roshown McLeod told the Brown and Scoop Podcast about the funniest memory from his career in a 2016 interview.“I just remember stories of Jordan singing to guys when he was playing. His number one song was ‘Giving You The Best That I Got.’ I remember him singing that to Jerry Stackhouse one day and just putting on a show. It was like he had a concert going on in his own head. He gave it to you every time. He had an answer for everything that came out of anyone’s mouth. Very few guys were able to do that, but when you found a guy like Jordan or a guy like Kobe that could do it, it was a memorable moment.” What the hell? Jordan was so on top of his game, he could sing soul songs while scoring on his opponents? That’s crazy. What a story.

Stackhouse Refutes

Damn, this story is cold. I believe McLeod’s story 100 percent  But, according to Jerry Stackhouse, it didn’t happen at all. They say there are always three versions to a story. In this case, there’s Stackhouse’s, McLeod, and the truth. Anita Baker is an amazing vocalist, but I have to admit, if I am raising up for a jumper with soul classics being sung to me, I’d be distracted. Make sure to subscribe to the Brown and Scoop podcast on iTunes, Play.it, or other streaming services available. I know them personally and they are the sh%t. To our readers, a few questions. Do you believe the story? Is there any doubt that Michael Jordan is the GOAT of trash-talking?