The Worst NFL Fantasy Football Moves of Week 1 (2016-17)


NFL Fantasy Football is one of the best ways to escape the drudgery of everyday life. Watching a sport you love while having something on the line is like crack. One of the best parts is that anybody can enjoy fantasy football. Likewsie, you can surround yourself with people you never would otherwise. However, the highs we recieve from Fantasy Football also brings pain and ridicule from opponents when thigs go wrong. Here at F&TS, while we celebrate the great moves, we also enjoy criticizing the worst fantasy football moves of each week.

Everyone thinks they’re fantasy gurus, but only a few are. Like myself, who scored over 150 points in Week 1 in his standard league. That’s a big number. Margins of victory in season-long fantasy football leagues are slim. Typically the difference between winning and losing a week comes down to one or two moves by individual general managers. In the words of Red Forman, don’t be a dumbass.

Dumbass Fantasy Football Move of the Week

League-wide most of the general managers’ fantasy starting lineups performed well. Overall, we were impressed by our competitors ability to avoid costly mistakes. This week’s worst fantasy football moves were hard to find, but we still found one. Fabio “Football Americano” had a great socring week from his starting running backs. However, in a matchup with our league’s Commissioner decided by 13 points, Fabio benched Kansas City Chiefs‘ running back Spencer Ware in favor of rookie Dallas Cowboys‘ back Ezekiel Elliott. Granted, Ware was a bit of a fantasy sleeper. Further, the Chiefs’ win over the Los Angeles Chargers was unexpected, but Fabio did draft Ware for a reason.

Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

In the Cowboys opening week game against the New York Giants defense held the talented Ohio State running back to 51 yards rushing on 20 attempts. Elliott did score one touchdown but was held to eleven fantasy points in his NFL debut. In contrast, Spencer Ware had nearly 200 yards rushing and recieving and one touchdown. Ware scored 26 fantasy football points in his team’s victory over the Chargers. If Fabio would have started Ware, he would have defeated the Commissioner by two points.

Social Media Rules

Sometimes the only way to get over making a horrible fantasy football move is to share it on social media with your community. Search fantasy football fails on Twitter and take a look for yourself. Some of the tweets are comedy gold. Good luck fellow managers. Have a successful NFL Week 2.