CBS’ James Brown Speaks Out on Culture of Domestic Violence


Women Deserve Respect.

CBS In-Studio Host and journalist James Brown has been a broadcaster since 1984. In that 30-year career, Brown has shown himself to be ethical, professional, and a man of integrity. When he speaks on social matters, we should listen. The NFL and the country are facing a difficult period of time. Once again, the illegal conduct of a high-profile athlete is challenging us to confront the ugly side of humanity. In this case, violence against women.

Since February, the sports world, the NFL, and the culture at large has been embroiled in the aftermath of the Ray Rice assault on his then-girlfriend, Janay PalmerThe NFL and Ravens have been heavily criticized for their inept reactions to the crime and punishment to Rice. Brown took it upon himself to deliver an impassioned plea for us to look at the real problem from the crime. Namely how sports culture speaks and treats women.

Mission Statement

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