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John Oliver Rips NFL in Wake of Rice Domestic Violence Video

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Hey NFL, Domestic Violence Is Wrong.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver went off on the NFL’s reaction to the Ray Rice domestic violence video. The disturbing footage shows the running back knocking out his girlfriend with one punch during an argument. We won’t show the video on First and Ten Sports, it sickens us.

Player misconduct, arrests, and illegal behavior have dominated the sports headlines in recent years, but the NFL has failed to act. Oliver hysterically ripped the league for ‘pussy footing’ around the issues of domestic violence and player misconduct. Oliver saved his best line for Steve Bisciotti, the owner of the Baltimore Ravens. We agree, Bisciotti does look like a ‘candy apple with teeth.’

Players React

Rice’s punch disgusted several NFL players. But in interviews, did they have to imagine their own daughter or wives as victims to say Rice was wrong? Here’s a message to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. For a league that has been accused of promoting violence, it’s time for their players to learn how to stop violence against women.

Thanks to Josh Underwood’s YouTube channel for the video. Feature image courtesy of the New York Daily News.

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