Six Bold Fantasy Football Predictions for Week 2 (2014)


Welcome to Week 2 of the Boldin Beautiful NFL Fantasy Football League. F&TS is taking a look at the projected winners of this weekend’s matchups and making bold fantasy football predictions. We’ve reached out to the best prognosticators in the business, as well as our psychic friends. So, these predictions are foolproof. First up is Team Mario v. the Commish. Both owners got victories in Week 1, but only one will be declared WINNER in this battle of the unbeaten. Our magic 8 ball predicts Craig the Commissioner goes 2-0 winning with a final score of 104-91.

Team Richard and his dental dams go up against Josh, who is rolling in his vintage BMW.  Both owners lost last week, so the good news…one of these losers will pick up their first victory of the season.  Sorry Josh, right now Richard is projected to beat you 109-102.


Predicted Winners and Losers

In our third match-up, Team Brandi faces Joel and his ‘Catch Me I’m Ballin’ squad.  Looks like Jo-el, the little Latino that could, will extend his winning streak with a win over Brandi, 117-100.  Joel here is some advice – stop spending your winnings on crack and gold chains.

The team of Mike & Brian (I wonder which one is Batman and which one is Robin) goes up against Larry, the self-proclaimed sports genius.  Too bad Larry lost in Week 1 to Team Marin, the head writer of F&TS.  If our magic 8 balls are right, Larry picks up his first win of the season 102-78.  That is an ass-whooping.

In our second battle of undefeated titans, it’s Paul Da Playa v. John (I’m more talented than my brother Dan), Marino. Looks like Da Playa will continue his horny ways and pick up victory number two, 115-85.

George, your Big Blue BallZ, with a Z, because he’s from the streets, could flare-up. You’re predicted to lose to Team Corn, 111-99. Our suggestion is to put some cream on those. Owners, don’t fret. There is still time to adjust your rosters. Good luck!

P.S. Our featured image is Scott Clark, retired sportscaster for WABC-TV Eyewitness News. Clark became one of the city’s most popular sports personalities and worked at the station for over 20 years. He became very well known for his Friday segment “Predict-O-Ball” during the NFL season.

Our Source for the Future

Dionne Warwick may be the face of the Psychic Friends Network, but for our fantasy football predictions, we go to only one source. Our preferred medium is Walter Mercado. For those who don’t know who he is, Mercado is the flamboyant television personality who spent years telling viewers their horoscopes while dressed in his sequined capes, gesturing with his graceful hands and proclaiming his loving “Mucho, mucho amor!” outro.