Listen: Episode 30 of The Jake Brown Show on F&TS (2017)


Provocative Sports Talk

It times like these when I love what I do. We met Jake Brown, former CBS Sports Digital Content Manager, about a year ago. Friend of the site” Lisa Ramos and I were promoting her first book and Jake was kind enough to have us in-studio. On top of his CBS Sports responsibilities, Jake was a co-host of the highly-successful “Brown and Scoop” podcast. The show had been featured on TMZ and interviewed a bunch of top-tier sports and pop culture personalities. Jake now has his own show…The Jake Brown Show (creative, I know.) After some hardcore negotiations, Jake agreed to syndicate his show on First and Ten His latest episodes can be streamed here at F&TS.

Jake Brown Show Episode 30: Laid Offs and NBA Playoffs

Brown is a super talented radio personality with a provocative opinion on sports. He doesn’t just sit in a studio crunching stats, he analyzes sports impact on our style and what’s hot in the street. Like that time he interviewed former LA Laker Samaki Walker. Walker revealed that Kobe Bryant slugged him in the mouth over $1,000 in 2002. As we continue to grow and bring you compelling and unique perspectives on sports, Jake Brown is just the right kind of partner.


What Can Brown Do For You

Brown starts off the show with an interesting take on how youth can work against both fans and athletes. He ranted about a 10-year-old New York Mets fanatic, who tried to go viral at Jake’s expense. It did not work. Brown then moved on to the devastating news that Noah Syndergaard will miss the next three months for the Amazins with a lat injury. Thor recently refused an MRI after feeling some pain and pitched anyway. Consequently, Syndergaard is unavailable to the Mets for an extended period of time. Sometimes, youth is wasted on the young.

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Jake, thanks for sharing the Jake Brown Show content with us. We’re sure our readers will enjoy your unique perspective on sports, entertainment, and culture. Follow the Jake Brown Show on Instagram and Twitter as well as the network and iTunes.