The Feud Between Charles Oakley and James Dolan Gets Uglier


The New York Knicks lost to the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night. But the real news was in the stands. 90’s fan-favorite Charles Oakley was arrested in an “only in New York” moment. New York Knicks’ owner James Dolan and Charles Oakley have engaged in a bitter feud for years. Oakley was allegedly heard swearing at James Dolan who was also seated courtside during the game. Madison Square Garden security confronted the big man who then assaulted the staff verbally and physically. Dolan told the media and ESPN New York that Oakley was drunk, angry, and intended to confront him. Let’s look back at a timeline of events.


Oakley vs Dolan

Since his retirement from the NBA, Charles Oakley has been an outspoken critic of the New York Knicks. According to the NBA rumor mill, Oakley advised free agent LeBron James to avoid signing with the Knicks in 2010. His vicious comments against the Knicks allegedly cost him a coaching position with the team in 2012. Perhaps still bitter about missing out on a job with the organization, Oakley attended the home game against the Clippers. Midway through the first quarter, the NYPD arrests Charles Oakley for assaulting MSG personnel. Dolan subsequently banned Oakley from entering the arena. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Michael Jordan try to intervene to broker a truce between Oakley and Dolan. Finally, on Valentine’s Day, the Garden and Dolan lift its ban on Oakley and he can return to the arena.

What Did We Learn?

The feud is the latest ugly incident between Dolan and former players. Do we believe Oakley has an anger management issue? Yes. Was the former Knick drunk? We don’t know. One thing remains clear, James Dolan is an a-hole. Oakley gave his heart, body, and mind to the Knicks for over a decade. Dolan’s responsibility is to say thank you and move on. Should Dolan be bitter? Sure. Is it fair? No. Dolan is lucky his arena continues to sell out. Suck it up Jimmy, get a thicker skin, and get over yourself.