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WAG Jaime Edmondson Poses With a Football and Scores A Touchdown

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The Minnesota Vikings need inspiration for their game versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 8. Towards that end, we decided to help Minnesota out. Therefore, meet Jaime Edmondson, a striking Viking posing with a Football. We’re sure her beauty in this Playboy poster will definitely motivate the Vikings to a win. If not, the players should have their pulses checked. The former “Playmate of the Month” and Miami Dolphins cheerleader is also a two-time contestant on the CBS reality competition show, “The Amazing Race.” She may be a Dolphins fan, but when Edmondson wears your team apparel, you take notice.

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Jaime Edmondson Is a Fan of Football and Baseball

Professional athletes catch all the breaks. Edmondson is a WAG (wife or girlfriend of a professional athlete) whose engaged to Tampa Bay Rays All-Star third baseman, Evan Longoria, the father of their young daughter. If you said Jaime Edmondson has arresting good looks, you’d be right. Before she pursued a modeling and acting career, Edmondson was a police officer. Edmondson worked the night shift as a police officer in Baco Raton, Florida for two years. She eventually quit the police force so she could become a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins.  Playboy approached Edmondson in 2011 for an exclusive photoshoot. She would be wearing NFL apparel to celebrate the 12 teams that made the playoffs. But as Jimmy Traina from Sports Illustrated pointed out, fans of the other teams felt slighted. Playboy and Edmondson relented and included all 32 NFL teams in the pictorial.

Playboy Magazine

Competing is in Edmondson’ Blood

Jaime Edmondson was born in Florida. She attended and graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Could you imagine being arrested by her? As we mentioned, Edmondson retired her handcuffs and became a member of the Miami Dolphins cheerleading squad. In 2009, Edmondson and her co-cheerleading partner from Miami, Cara Rosenthal, became contestants on the Amazing Race. What is it about redheads that make them so beautiful? Is it the mystery, their rarity. Whatever it is, it’s working for Jaime. As always, we wish Edmondson all the best in her future endeavors and thank her for making every NFL team look 100x better.

Playboy Magazine
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