The Power of Sandra Prikker Can’t Be Seen on Instagram


One look at fitness entrepreneur and personal trainer Sandra Prikker on Instagram and you’ll be knocked out. Prikker has dedicated her life to physical fitness. But when learn her personal story, you’ll realize Prikker is more than her strong exterior. Prikker has an indomitable spirit that is the true source of her power and beauty. Let’s find out more about her. Prikker is a 24-year-old fitness influencer who grew in the Netherlands. Her goal, even at an early age, was to become a professional kickboxer. Unfortunately, two years ago, Prikker was the victim of a cooking accident that severely burned her face. Without a timetable or guarantee she would recover from her burns, Prikker was forced to quit her kickboxing training.

Her kickboxing dreams had ended. The road to recovery would include painful surgeries and a lot of questions about what’s next. But Prikker fought on and carved a new path for her life.

From Kickboxing to Personal Training

Sandra Prikker wouldn’t be to take strikes to the face as she recovered from her surgeries. But she wanted to get back into the gym. Initially, she wanted to maintain the body she had as a kickboxer. But her workouts weren’t producing the results she desired. Prikker had limited knowledge of fitness training and felt she needed help. Prikker hired a personal trainer, who also set up with a solid diet and training regiment. That is when she started to see progress. Her own lifestyle change inspired Prikker on the new path of her life. Prikker decided to help others the same her personal trainer helped her.

Prikker than decided to share her workouts and fitness life on Instagram. Her story went viral and she gained more than a million followers in less than six months. As her popularity online grew, Prikker continues to up her fitness regiment. As she said in an interview, she knows her fans are watching.

Prikker’s Regiment

In terms of weight training, Sandra Prikker likes to keep it heavy. She does three sets of eight reps. If she feels that she needs to up her tempo, Prikker will add in some drop sets during her workout. When doing cardio, her goal is to burn 300 calories in a 15-20 minute time span. Prikker’s diet includes eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, complex carbs, and lean protein. To keep her metabolism high and promote muscle growth she will eat 5 times a day. She supplements her diet with multivitamins and minerals, Omega 3, Vitamin C, Green Tea, BCAA’s, and fat burners. When she does cheat on her diet, her good to is chocolate, naturally.

Prikker is endorsed by a variety of nutrient supplement companies and the apparel company, Shredz Athlete. Prikker is also designing clothing for Body Engineer. Ms. Prikker, you have an inspiring life story. We wish you continued success in your career. If you’re looking to get in shape, feel free to use posts of Sandra Prikker on Instagram as your motivation. It’s worked for nearly three million of her fans.