These Football Referee Uniforms Are the Perfect Idea for Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner and for adults, the holiday is now an excuse to be somewhat uninhibited. For women, the joke has become that your Halloween costume can really be anything as long as you put the word “sexy” in front of it. Some newer costume options for women include “Sexy jellyfish,” “Sexy Optimus Prime,” and “Sexy Ronald McDonald.”  We’re not making this up. Well, if you’re a woman and not a fan of 80s cartoons or fast-food chains, might we suggest this other option Sexy Football Referee Uniforms. A few words of caution, these outfits certainly violate the NFL stringent uniform policy. Also, it’s going to be hard to improve on the “jacked” NFL referee, Ed Hochuli.


Referee Uniforms Don’t Need to Be Boring

We imagine that if the NFL actually hired female officials in dressed them in these uniforms, fans would enthusiastically approve the move. But, since new hires won’t happen anytime soon, we are having some fun with the concept. Fellas, don’t get any ideas about sexy female referees. These officials have whistles and aren’t afraid to use them. Ladies, please be careful. We don’t want you to sprain an ankle running to make a call. Also, please avoid any illegal hands to the face. Guys, respect referee authority at all times, especially when the officials are this charismatic. sexyfootballrefereeuniform

Black and White Is A Thing

We thought we do a fashion review of the three outfits. Model No. 1 went with the corset, hot pants, and knee-high socks look. Did you notice the rhinestone accent on the model’s belt? Probably not. We think it’s a nice touch. To pull the outfit together, the referee is wearing 3/4 combat boots. We think it could be difficult to run up and down the field in boots, but fashion is suffering.

Model No. 2 went with a form-fitting black and white dress tapered to the body to hug the referees’ curves. The vertical lines create the illusion of a longer silhouette and the minimalist design allows for greater personal expression with accessories. In this case, a whistle. You can pair the outfit with knee-high socks with a casual boot, gold or silver jewelry, while your legs are accentuated. Official No. 69 (pictured below) is wearing the hell out of her uniform. Yeah, that’s right, we follow fashion too.

Our last model went for a more playful look with her uniform. She opted for a bustier with feather accents accentuated with white hot pants paired with black and white bracelets and a baseball cap. Very hot ladies and well done. We hope you won these Sexy Football Referee Uniforms could help you win your Halloween costume parties.