Chris Berman at ESPN Couldn’t Go All The Way


Chris Berman at ESPN is over. It’s officially the end of an NFL era. Berman, the longtime ESPN on-air personality has been fired by the worldwide leader in sports. If you grew up in the 90s, NFL Primetime was must-watch television. The chemistry between hosts Chris Berman, Tom Jackson correspondents Jon Saunders, and Bill Pidto was classic. Primetime co-host Tom Jackson retired from broadcasting last season. In January, ESPN announced Berman was stepping down from hosting ESPN’s NFL studio programming after 31 seasons but would remain with the network. With the writing on the wall, the next shoe fell. Berman has been let go.

NFL Primetime, hosted by Berman and Jackson, was one of the best sports highlights shows on television ever. For one hour weekly, Primetime broke down the best games, hits, and touchdowns from a full slate of NFL games. When NBC Sports secured the rights to Football Night in America, ESPN could no longer air Primetime immediately after the 4:00 PM NFL game finished around the nation. Sure, there were other highlight shows on the air, but none were able to replicate the magic of Primetime with Chris Berman. Primetime was an obsession for the F&TS head writer and Larry of Team Vega. They would binge-watch past episodes of the show on VHS! Damn, they’re old.

The Creativity of the Berman Nicknames Defined ESPN

The ‘Swamm’ was beloved by athletes, fans, and his fellow broadcasters, but don’t get it twisted. Berman was fired. Why, because of age. Television is a tough business. The next young hotshot personality is always lying in wait for more air time. Berman was an award-winning broadcaster with millions of fans, but Father Time remains undefeated. If harassment scandals don’t get your fired, what else could it be?

In summary, Mr. Berman, thanks for the passion for the NFL and the comedy. We will always love the Rumblin’ Bumblin’ Stumbling, and the Andre ‘I See A Bad Moon’ Rison. We will always remember that “no one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.” What were your favorite Chris Berman catchphrases from ESPN NFL Primetime? My personal favorites included “Natrone Means Business,” “The Well Dressed” Amani Toomer, and Eric Sleeping With Bienemy. Let us know in the comments.