Bella Thorne and Bella Hadid Go Head to Head, Who’s Hotter?


It’s a No-Lose Situation.

In one corner, you have Cuban hottie Bella Thorne, the former Disney actress, who recently made waves for coming out as bisexual. In the other corner is model Bella Hadid, 19-years old and sister of Gigi Hadid who is currently dating the Weeknd. Here are a few facts about these beautiful young ladies. If you had to pick the hottest, who do you pick, Bella Thorne or Bella Hadid?

Bella Thorne

Thorne was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and has three siblings, Remy Thorne, Dani Thorne, and Kaili Thorne, all of whom have also acted. She is of Cuban (father) and Irish, Italian, English, German, and Welsh (mother) ancestry. At the age of six weeks old, Bella shot her first pictorial for “Parents Magazine”. She has continued to grace the covers of many national and international magazine and catalog covers ever since. In August 2016, she came out bisexual on social media and was reportedly dating her older brother’s ex-girlfriend. These days Thorne seems to be riding the ponies again. She’s been photographed with her new guy Tyler Posey. Details courtesy of

Bella Hadid

Hadid is the younger sister of Gigi Hadid and is of Dutch and Palestinian ancestry. She was born in 1996 when most of us in this league were in college. During a short period in 2012 she, her mother, and brother were diagnosed with Lyme disease and she is currently the face of Dior. Bio courtesy of Gallery images courtesy of the homies, Prince and Jacob of Galore magazine and Flare.

In conclusion, who’s hotter, Bella Thorne, or Bella Hadid? Let us know in your comments.