NFL 2015-16: Top 5 Takeaways from the Regular Season


Odell Needs to “Cojelo Con Take it Easy.” 

2016 was a tumultuous season for Beckham Jr. Granted, he is one of the most talented receivers in the league, if not the most dangerous, but “ya basta.” First came blow ups on the sidelines and “Netgate,” then there was some great production, to be followed by more fist-a-cuffs with Josh Norman in Week 17 and way too many dropped passes.

Next there was a Miami yacht party with Justin Bieber and Adderall on the Monday before your first playoff game and lastly, he was reported to have punched a hole in the wall of the visitor’s locker room after losing to the Packers.

Odell needs to put all this ‘BS’ behind him. I love the production and I love the histrionics after catches/TDs, but com’ on man, grow up. Stop trying to make yourself the center of attention, play ball and just win games.

“America’s Team” Still Sucks!

I get it, your rookie QB who was drafted in the fourth round, just led your team to a 13-3 record and the playoffs, but you still lost! The Cowboys, that self-proclaimed “America’s Team” still haven’t made it past the Divisional Round since 1995 and haven’t won the SuperBowl in over 20 years.

Enough with the pompoms, the accolades, and the prognostications. Until the Big D hoists the Vince Lombardi trophy as the champs, shut your mouth and win some games.

Aaron Rodgers is The Dude.

 It was November 24 and the Packers had lost four consecutive games. Fans and the media were losing their minds and what was A-Rod reaction? To paraphrase…Y’all need to relax.

His exact words were, “I feel like we can run the table, I really do,” Rodgers said, via “The offense is starting to click a little bit more, we’ve just got to put together a game where we’re more consistent from the first snap to the last. We’ve been, I think, getting closer to that.”

Well, Rodgers proved to be a Svengali. The Pack ran the table, finished 10-6 and are the hottest team in the playoffs. In the Divisional Round, Rodgers led a game-winning drive featuring one of the sickest throws I have ever seen. Jeff Bridges would be proud.

Brady & Belichick Made a Deal with the Devil.

Let me get this straight, your all-world QB was suspended for the first four games of the regular season. Your backup got injured after the second game of the season forcing you to start a third stringer and you still go 3-1. Then after the first quarter of the season, you proceed to win 11 of your remaining 12 games. You waltz into the playoffs, have home-field throughout and will only be tested in the AFC Championship game. I can’t stand the Patriots, but whatever secret formula they developed to be so consistently dominant, I need some. I want it like a “fat kid eats cake.”

Andy Reid is Costing His Teams Trips to the Big Game.

Poor clock management and questionable play calling. Tell me if you heard this story before, Andy Reid can’t get over the hump. Miscues plagued his teams in Philly and now, the Chiefs are following suit. The question is, can Andy do anything to reverse this trend? Reid consistently gets his teams to improve and excel, but a championship ring still alludes him. It’s a shame, he seems like an innovative coach and a great motivator. But, what does the man have to do to win the big game?


Bonus: Marvin Lewis Has Unlimited Lives.

The Bengals still haven’t won the SuperBowl and while 2016 marks the first time the team missed the playoffs in five years, Lewis still hasn’t won the big game. The team’s current window for success seems to be closing and their starting QB Andy Dalton appears to be good enough to lose. So if the time for a coaching change were ever appropriate, it should have happened. But, nothing…Lewis remains employed and Mike Brown seems to be content with mediocracy. Or Lewis has some really incriminating photos of the owner in a Speedo.