Who’s the Better Fantasy Football Quarterback? Roethlisberger or Rivers (2015-16)


Fellow Fantasy Football general manager Joel “El Sicario” Velez continues his unbeaten streak and we’re on a mission to find out why. F&TS interviewed the savvy general manager this past Saturday night to find out the secret of his new success. Naturally, Velez believes he is smarter than his league competition, but he is directly attributing his success to working the fantasy waiver wire. Earlier this season, Velez picked up Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Interestingly enough, the general manager of Team Marin dropped Big Ben in order to pick up San Diego Chargers’ Philip Rivers as his No. 1 quarterback. The GM of Team Marin is the head writer of this site. These two quarterbacks have been linked since they entered as highly-touted draft picks in the 2004 NFL draft. Ultimately, who is the better Fantasy Football Quarterback? Is it Big Ben or Philip Rivers? Let’s analyze their careers for answers.

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Fantasy Comparison

Elite company when it comes to NFL QBs.(Post-Gazette)

Now in Week 6 of the 2015-16 NFL season, Team Marin has apparently made the smart move. Philip Rivers is averaging 19.3 fantasy points a week, with a high of 26 points coming in Week 4 versus the Cleveland Browns. Rivers has offensive talent galore, with rookie Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead in the backfield. Plus, Kennan Allen and Antonion Gates are two of the best receiver targets in the league. Marin is banking that the Chargers’ offensive production continues throughout the season.

Meanwhile, Steelers’ signal-caller Ben Roethlisberger is averaging 8.8 fantasy points a week after suffering a knee injury in a Week 3 game against the Los Angeles Rams. Team Velez is playing a long-term strategy. He’s not expecting Big Ben to win him matchups right now, but later in the season, the pick up can pay dividends. Unfortunately, while Team Marin’s quarterback move has worked out, he is struggling at 1-4. Even when he recently tied, he lost in a tiebreaker.


Fantasy News Around Our League

Team Brandi is bringing up the rear and is winless through five weeks. Concurrently, Team Rich and Vega have identical records in their respective divisions at 3-2 in other league news.