Model Kerri Barcia is the 7 Line Army’s Hottest Recruit


The Mets’ playoff run has us a bit preoccupied. But, we are in good company. Kerri Barcia is a stunning beauty and an Amazin’ Mets fan. She is also this week’s Monday Maker Monday ambassador in our Fantasy Football league. When she’s not in front of a camera, Barcia is a spokesmodel for Ray Lewis Apparel and a business development officer for The RL52 Group. The natural brunette frequently attends high-profile sporting events raising awareness for The Ray Lewis Foundation and The United Athletes Foundation. Barcia is in demand. She’s been the calendar girl for The7LineArmy, the coolest baseball team fan club in the MLB, and a ‘Slept Beauty’ for Slept Fightwear.


Let’s Adopt Her for the New York Giants

We have some advice for the lovely Ms. Barcia. Rather than working with Ray Lu, we invite you to become an ambassador for the New York Giants. You look great in purple and black, but we think blue is your color. A personal note to Kerri Barcia, thank you for your continued support of the New York Mets. You’ve got great taste in baseball. The football Giants could definitely use your good mojo. Good luck with all your future projects and if we can help in any way, let us know. Make sure to follow Barcia on Facebook and Twitter.

The Money Maker Monday winner is selected by the unbiased editorial team of F&TS. Each owner selects a beautiful model’s image as their fantasy team’s photo. At the end of the week, F&TS selects the hottest model of the week and post an article that allows our readers to learn a bit more about our featured ambassador.