WAG Alice Goodwin Makes Wonder Woman Hotter


When F&TS isn’t reporting on sports or fantasy football, our head writer is also a comic nerd. We decided to take a break from sports and focus on fantasies of other kinds, cosplay. You may ask, what the hell is cosplay? Well, it’s the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially ones from the Japanese genres of manga and anime. Alice Goodwin, a WAG and one of the most popular glamour models from the U.K. has just made Wonder Woman even more popular.

Wonder Woman is Cosplay Gold

Wonder Woman is one of our favorite heroes and has become a feminist icon. Sure, the DC Comics character has been around since the 40s, but she’s gotten hotter with age. Princess Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta has become a favorite Halloween costume and made famous on television by the gorgeous Lynda Carter. Alice Goodwin shows us she has the curves to fill out the hero’s signature Amazonian costume. Goodwin is married to former Arsenal and Liverpool striker Jermaine Pennant. New York Comic-Conone of the largest celebrations of comic culture in the country, is wrapping up this weekend. So enjoy some of the hottest women in cosplay.


Cosplay is Dress Up for Adults

theChive cosplay feature included this unidentified model as Marvel Comics’ Elektra. Elektra Natchios is the daughter of a Greek ambassador, who studied the martial arts as an adolescent. While in the US, she began studies in political science at New York’s Columbia University. There she met another student, Matthew Murdock, who would later become Daredevilher future lover and enemy.

Hot Girls of Cosplay | theChive | Elektra

Carrie Keagan, the knockout, actress, television personality, writer, and producer is one of the most alluring women in pop culture. On G4’s Attack of the Show!Keagan and fellow blonde beauty and F&TS favorite, Sara Jean Underwood, portrayed DC Comics’ Power Girl and G4’s Bustice. Power Girl has a convoluted backstory, but basically, she is the Supergirl from a parallel universe. The heroine has all the power of her more famous cousin, Superman, but looks a lot better is a cleavage-revealing white costume. As you can see, Keagan has the talent to do the character proud and if they ever produce a Power Girl film, she would be amazing on the big screen.

Carrie Keagan | Power Girl

Katyuska Moonfox is one of the most popular cosplayers on Instagram. She has nearly 500K followers on her page and has portrayed Marvel’s Black Cat, Aeon Flux from MTV, Babydoll from the movie Sucker Punch, and countless others. Thanks to Alice Goodwin for her salute to Wonder Woman and to the fans that keep comic culture alive.