Our NFL Toilet Bowl is Vega Versus The Commish


What do you get when Team Vega plays The Commish? Simple, a combined 1-9 record. These two fantasy owners have played horribly all season, so we aren’t expecting an all-time fantasy football matchup. In many ways, it’s our league version of the classic NFL Toilet Bowl. We wouldn’t be shocked if neither wins and the game ends in a tie. Vega vs. The Commish could also be the league’s version of the “Bay of Pigs.”

What’s the Bay of Pigs

If you don’t get the reference, let’s clear it up. No, we aren’t talking about the CIA-backed assassination attempt of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in 1961.  ESPN’s NFL Primetime used the historical event to describe the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing the Green Bay Packers throughout the 1980s.

TAMPA, FL – NOVEMBER 22: Quarterback Doug Williams #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers runs the ball against the Green Bay Packers at Tampa Stadium on November 22, 1981. (photo by Allen’s Studio/Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Chris Berman and the late Pete Axthelm coined the phrase “the Bay of Pigs” because Tampa and Green Bay were awful before players like Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, Brett Favre, and Antonio Freeman were winning Super Bowls. The games were full of turnovers, led by horrible quarterbacks, and bad plays.

Fantasy Football Toilet Bowl

F&TS would prefer to forget that Team Vega and the Commish were facing each other. But out of pity and some laughs, we’ve assigned our intern Maya Buttreeks, to cover our fantasy football version of the NFL Toilet Bowl. It’s a shitty assignment, but somebody had to do it. Stay tuned to F&TS for her reports.

The crazy thing about the records of these two owners is that they are relatively knowledgeable NFL fans. Granted, their favorite franchise choice shows poor judgment. How do two New Yorkers become Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers fans respectively? We chalk up their performance this season to bad luck–poor choices on who to activate or bench on a given week.

Good luck this weekend and please, someone win.