What Game — The Best Competition is Between the NFL Team Dance Squads


NFL Week 4 kicks off on Thursday night with a matchup between the New York Giants and the team from Washington. F&TS won’t use that racist and discriminatory name for the team. It’s a matter of principle and our way to support Native Americans. Washington will try to rebound off a tough 37-34 defeat against the Philadelphia Eagles. On the contrary, New York is aiming for a second consecutive victory after topping the Houston Texans, 30-17. One thing that’s always bothered us about the New York Giants franchise is their lack of cheerleaders or dance squads. NFL Dance Squads are fantastic. They make appearances in the community and add to the gameday experience. To celebrate the spirit of cheerleaders, we put together a gallery of images from the dance squads from Week 4’s Monday night matchup. The New England Patriots versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

Cheer On the Patriots’ Leaders

Of course, a dynastic franchise has an extremely talented dance squad. The Patriots’ cheerleader squad has included at least six Miss USA contestants. Plus, Lauren Marchetti, who was a member of the squad from 2010 to 2011, was a contestant on the reality show, The Bachelor. We’ve never watched the show, but hopefully, she did well. The Patriots annual dance squad auditions attract hundreds of new applicants, plus they produce and release a calendar every year.


The Chiefs’ Super Squad

One of the reasons we pay a little extra attention to the Chiefs is that our fellow Fantasy Football general manager Larry is a diehard fan. We believe that the first time Larry saw the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ running back Christian Okoye he was hooked with the team. It’s a rumor, but we don’t have any proof to the contrary. Hey, whatever floats your boat. Now back to the dance squads. The Chiefs squad was originally a co-ed squad that was first formed in 1971, and eventually dropped the male cheerleaders, and renamed the squad as the Chiefettes. In 1986, the squad changed to its current name, and male cheerleaders returned. In 1997, the squad once again became an all-female team. By the looks of these cheerleaders, it’s obvious the members skip the world-famous Kansas City barbeque joints around town.

These ladies obviously have stronger willpower than we do. Well done.

November 6 | KansasCityChiefs.com

Social Media Superstars

You can follow the Patriots and the Chiefs’ dance squads on Instagram and most other social media channels. To the rest of the dance squads of the NFL, thanks for your support of your respective teams and for putting up with those idiotic fans.