The San Francisco 49ers are 4-2 and Still Suck


F&TS must report the San Francisco 49ers are 4-2 and have defeated two NFC East teams. The powers that be, namely our Fantasy Football Commissioner aka The Commish forced us to write it up. The Commish believes F&TS has both an East coast bias and believes the NFC East is the only division that matters in the NFL. F&TS has gone on the record about our New York Giants fandom, but we do not have an East Coast bias. We cover the most impactful stories affecting the league, regardless of region. So Commish, congratulations on beating the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. Our hero image below is just for you, a dramatic image of the 49ers’ uniforms from behind. The San Francisco 49ers may be winning right now, but they still suck.

From the SF website Life and Wine | I mean…proves our point.

Niners Regular Season Outlook

Next week, the San Francisco 49ers face the AFC West-leading Denver Broncos. The Broncos have only lost to the Seattle Seahawks and amassed over 500 yards of offense against the Arizona Cardinals during Week 5. Manning and the Broncos playmakers will be a huge test for the Niners’ defense. Down the road, the Niners face tough opponents in the second half of the regular season. Key matchups include the New York Giants (never an easy game), the San Diego Chargers, and those Seahawks on the road. The Niners may be winning now, but the playoffs are not guaranteed.

The East Invented Football

Do we think only the NFC East matters in the NFL? Well of course…it’s not like the NFC or the AFC West play real football. Before you try to argue the greatness of the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers, or the 49ers, here are some facts, courtesy of CBS Sports and Fansided. NFC East teams are 12-8 in Super Bowls and feature 111 Hall of Fame players. At .530, the NFC East also has the highest all-time winning percentage among the eight divisions.

No other division has won more than eight or appeared in more than 18 Super Bowls. Only three other divisions have more than one team with multiple Super Bowl victories. The NFC East has three teams that have won more than two.


But, we do as we are told, within reason and with a snarky attitude. Hey, even we have a boss – but that won’t prevent us from stating the San Francisco 49ers suck.