Cincinnati RB Jeremy Hill Remixes the Ickey Shuffle


Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill is obviously excited about getting some cold cuts. Shout out to the good people at Geico. Hill scored a touchdown against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday and then took it ol’ skool. Jeremy Hill paid respects to a former Bengals great and broke out his version of the Ickey Shuffle to celebrate. If you are too young to remember, do some research on the Google machine and search Bengals FB Ickey Woods.

Cincinnati Bengals rookie fullback took the NFL by storm in 1988. In an interview performed on an episode of Inside the NFL Woods said that before he and the Bengals played the Cleveland Browns on September 25, 1988, he told his mother that if he happened to score during the game, he would do a dance. He did score, but the original version of his TD celebration did not have steps. He caught some flack from teammates and workshopped new ideas for a better TD celebration. In an October game versus the New York Jets, Ickey Woods broke out his new and improved Ickey Shuffle. It was a hit and because he scored 15 touchdowns during his rookie year in 1988, Woods had plenty of opportunities to dance.

The Dance Aftermath

Nicely done Jeremy. You gave proper respect to the Bengal greats of the past. Plus, Hill’s shuffle was much better than the Houston Texans J.J. Watt attempt at the Nae Nea in Week 3. A few words of advice to Mr. Watt–leave the dancing to the professionals. Just focus on staying healthy and sacking the quarterback.


Woods’ original Ickey Shuffle led to the NFL creating a rule designating it as “Excessive Celebration.” Players and the team are subject to a 15-yard penalty for excessive celebration. The dance was in danger of being prohibited by NFL rules concerning planned celebrations, but after investigation, it was not banned.

Touchdown Dance Update

For the 2017-18 season, the NFL finally did something right. The league office relaxed the rules against celebrations and the players are getting very creative with their moves. We created a list ranking the ’10 Best TD Celebrations’ of the seasons. Enjoy. Do you think the Jeremy Hill Ickey Shuffle made the list?