Argentine Duo Olga Karina Jelinek and Paz Cornu Lounge By The Pool


General Manager Velez won this week’s unofficial Fantasy Football competition. He selected this image of lovely ladies lounging by the pool as a good luck charm. After some thorough investigation, we determined these ladies are Argentines Olga Karina Jelinek and Paz Cornu. The caption of this tweet is pretty funny. Yes Olga, when we look at this image, we are focused on the hats.

Week 6 of the NFL is in the books and since both New York football teams took losses, were heavily focused on our Fantasy Football competition. The drudgery of the NFL Fantasy Football season is difficult to overcome. Setting your roster, checking injury reports, key matchups, and then navigating the waiver wire. It’s a bit much. But with high stakes on the line, our league decided we needed to lighten the mood and do something fun. We came up with an idea to help general managers perform better on a weekly basis. GMs have the option to select a beautiful model or actress as the unofficial ambassador of their starting lineup. Sort of like a good luck charm–because most men perform at their best when they’re trying to impress the opposite sex. Team Velez finally played our game and doubled his pleasure.

Who Are Karina and Paz?

Olga Karina Jelinek is a popular Argentine model, actress and television personality. Her film credits include La peluquería de Don Mateo (2016), Bañeros 4: Los rompeolas (2014) and El vagoneta en el mundo del cine (2012). Sorry we don’t get to see to many Argentine films, but we sure Jelinek is talented. An interesting fact about her dating past. She dated Colombian soccer star, Radamel “El Tigre” Falcao. This makes Karina a former WAG.

Likewise, Paz Cornu is a powerful force in fashion design. Much like her Latina culture, women love her sensual aesthetic and use of leather, lace, and nude materials. Recently, she released her first line of casual wear called Paz Jeansm but gained a reputation for designing formal evening wear. Jelinek and Cornu have collaborated on fashion campaigns together and became close friends. Apparently, when they are not lounging poolside or working– Olga Karina Jelinek and Paz Cornu are practicing their Latin dance grooves together. Nicely done ladies.

Social Media Dominance in Latin America

It’s cool to see powerful women supporting each other and being so tight. Karina and Paz are genuinely close friends. They take every opportunity to work together and share their passions with their social media followers. Currently, Karina Jelinek has close to one million followers on Instagram. Paz Cornu’s fashions are all over Argentina and Latin America. She has close to another 400,000 followers on the ‘Gram. Muy bien ladies. As Latino astrologer would say, “Reciban de mi siempre mucho paz, pero sobre todo mucho mucho mucho amor.”