The Nicki Minaj Ass Debate, Is it Real or Fake?


The first job of F&TS is to help our readers dominate their fantasy sports leagues. But our secondary and tertiary goals are to help our readers unravel the mysteries behind some of pop culture’s most perplexing questions. Which rappers’ baby mama is pregnant by another rapper? Is the reason why your favorite professional athlete blew the game because he/she frequents underground, high stake all-night poker games? Most importantly, are those real or fake? Case in point, rumors about the authenticity of the ass of Nicki Minaj have followed her for years.


The Controversial Minaj Dance Ass

TMZ, Idolator, and Bryant Austin on Twitter are blowing the roof off one of the biggest secrets in hip-hop. According to these sources, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, her bountiful ass, is fake. The rumor about the Minaj ass was everywhere again after pictures surfaced from her recent performance at “Fashion Rocks.” We can’t say for sure what we are looking at, but it looks like Minaj’s ass did something strange in the pictures. Did it fold onto itself? Take a look for yourself. F&TS is stumped, we don’t know what to think. We are investigating further, but until then, we’ll watch Minaj’s videos on mute.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Nicki’s music, she is much more than just her backside. Her first single, “Your Love” went No. 1 on the rap charts and Minaj became the first female rapper to go No. 1 without a feature since 2002. By 2010, Minaj was setting all types of records, becoming the first artist (male or female) to have seven songs in the Billboard Top 100 at one time. her debut album “Pink  Friday” debuted at No.1 and since then Minaj has released hit after hit. Nicki Minaj is at the top of her game and we doubt that some ass controversy will take her down. Do your thing Barbie.