Best NFL Postgame Quotes from Around the League Week 2 (2014-15)


One of the aspects of NFL football that makes it such a great sport to follow is the limited number of games in the season. With 16 games in their regular season, every matchup feels important. While the league is currently only in the second week, teams can’t afford to go 0-2. The odds for making the playoffs get even worse for teams if they go 0-3. NFL history shows that only six out of 182 teams (3.2 percent) to start 0-3 since 1980 have rallied to make the playoffs. So you can understand when players are upset after losing their first two games. Charles Woodson, the defensive leader of the Oakland Raiders leads our look at the most newsworthy postgame quotes after two weeks in the NFL.

Raiders Drop to 0-2

Charles Woodson, the veteran safety of the Oakland Raiders after the team dropped to 0-2 in an ugly loss said, “We suck.” He added “That’s as blunt as I can put it. For whatever reason, defensively we just won’t stop people, especially early in games.”

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Saints are 0-2

In a relatively shocking game, the Cleveland Browns defeated the New Orleans Saints 26-24. After the loss, head coach Sean Payton said, “Situational football is something you look at. In the last two games now, we haven’t been really good,” after the team’s second straight loss on Sunday.


New York Coaches React

New York Giants’ Head Coach Tom Coughlin talked to the media about the poor performance of his team’s receivers on Monday. Coughlin’s statements are courtesy of Ralph Vacchiano, Giants beat reporter, and an insider for the New York Daily News:

“Catch the ball. That’s what you’re paid for.  Professional wide receivers have got to make plays.”

New York Jets’ Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg tried to explain a timeout that cost his team six points and a chance to tie the Packers. “First of all, I want to make it crystal clear everything that goes on offensively is my responsibility, period.” “I’ve got to do a better job of communicating and trusting ‘Big Geno.’ We didn’t know that Mornhinweg called Jets’ quarterback Geno Smith, “Big Geno.”

Adrian Peterson Returns

Minnesota Vikings’ GM Rick Spielman clarified comments regarding running back Adrian Peterson returning to the active roster after only one game. He was suspended for a domestic violence arrest involving his son.

“Based on the extensive information we have right now, and based on not only what we know about Adrian as a person but what he has done for this community, we believe he deserves to play while the legal process plays out,” Spielman said.”

F&TS sideline reporters suspect Spielman’s mic was off for his real statement. Speilman said “We looked bad in Sunday’s loss. We need financing for a new stadium and we can’t afford to have AD off the field.”

Dennis Green is the King

We have to admit–we were a bit underwhelmed by these quotes. NFL fans appreciate more volcanic post-game comments. Coaches and team officials need to get mean. They should look to former Cardinals’ head coach Dennis Green for inspiration. Who could forget his classic NFL postgame quotes after a loss to the unbeaten Chicago Bears. We love his passion and ferocity. He should have flipped the podium though.