The Sports Reporters of F&TS Go Deeper to Get Stories


One of the ways First and Ten Sports will stand out from other sports media platforms is comedic, even satirical reporting from our fictitious sideline sports reporters/correspondents. Television broadcasts are not utilizing sideline reporters effectively. Their reporting lacks creativity and it’s redundant. There are exceptions. Erin Andrews, who is quickly becoming the first lady of Fox’s NFL broadcasts, does a great job. Mostly because Fox allows her to talk to coaches and players after the game. Also, Melanie Collins of CBS is a personal favorite of the F&TS staff.

Our Sideline Team

First and Ten Sports (F&TS) is proud to announce that two veteran sports reporters have joined our staff. They are Mike Hunt and Dick Burns. Hunt and Burns are sideline correspondents who go beyond the headlines for the real scoop. The break stories like, which star player is coming off a four-day bender in Vegas, or who punched out a whiteboard and is playing with a fractured hand. Hunt is an Orange County, CA native best known for his ‘chill’ approach to reporting. The intrepid reporter surfs in Newport and writes spec scripts at The Coffee Bean during the NFL off-season.


Richie “Dick” Burns grew up in Northern New Jersey and let’s just say, he knows a guy. Burns gets around. If you are watching a game and that backdoor cover smelled a little off, Burns was involved. Richie goes beyond the box score to report on which players’ side chick is pregnant or who spends their nights at underground poker games. We are glad they joined the team and we look forward to their expert insights.

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First Sideline Report

Mike Hunt just filed his first report and it has huge fantasy football implications. Hunt reports the fantasy football bench scored a tie with the fantasy starters of another. Team Craig left 67 points on his bench. That is the exact number of points scored by Team Vega’s starters. In other dumb move news, Team Weiss left 48 points on his bench. Nice moves geniuses. We look forward to more exclusive information from our intrepid sports reporters, Hunt and Burns.