MLB Hangover: The New York Mets Loss in World Series Hurts


There’s no joy in Metsville. The New York Mets heart-breaking loss in the 2015 World Series to Kansas City Royals hurts. The way the ninth inning transpired, it’s enough to cause fans to hit the bottle. In the case of the head writer of F&TS, the game and the bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon he drank throughout Game 5 contributed to a horrible hangover. The Mets were already down in the series 3-1 but after eight dominant innings by Mets’ starting pitcher Matt Harvey, the team was poised to win Game 5. All that remained were three outs.

Mets manager Terry Collins decided to go to his closer for the final inning, but Harvey fought to stay in the game. Collins relented. In the ninth, Harvey gave up a walk to the Royals’ Lorenzo Cain and a run-scoring double to Eric Hosmer that cut the Mets’ lead to 2-1. Harvey exited the game with Hosmer on second and no outs. Then the disaster struck. After Mike Moustakas grounded out to move Hosmer to third, Salvador Perez grounded out to shortstop, creating a temporary jam. Mets’ captain David Wright threw Moustakas out at first, and as he did so, Hosmer sprinted home. Mets first baseman Lucas Duda fired home, but he overthrew home plate, and Hosmer scored the tying run. The game went to extra innings where the Royals scored five runs in the 12th inning to win the World Series.

Crying Jordan Meme at Citi Field | Image courtesy of @DanGnajerle

We Need Help

We’ve been in serious pain since the end of the series. Just like our fellow fans in the tweet, the series was more than we could handle. So much so, we delayed posting new content to this site. Our upcoming fantasy football draft, a new NFL season, and the opening week of the NBA season have not excited us. But, we took some uppers (triple espressos) and are back in the saddle. Thanks for understanding and your patience.

Laughing Hides the Tears

The best way to deal with pain is to laugh, so they say. Our esteemed Commissioner was kind enough to point us to some of the internet’s best memes about the 2015 Mets. Plus, the commissioner was a total “G” and got us in for Game 3 against the Kansas City Royals. Coincidentally, it was the only game of the series of the New York Mets won. Some additional Mets memes can be viewed on We created our own Mets meme inspired by Mic’s article on sports memorabilia that goes unused. For now, we will try to recover from the Mets loss in the World Series and recover.

Very often the memorabilia of the losing professional sports teams are donated to developing nations. How tragic.