Model Bella Sandiego Supplants the City as Finest in the U.S.


Ron Burgundy Would Be Proud

What’s not to love about San Diego? Great weather, the Pacific Ocean, and of course Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 Action News team. Well, now we have another reason to love San Diego, Bella Sandiego. Props to Atlanta Night Spots for the information about her professional appearances and video roles.

Meet Bella Sandiego, a now 21-year old native of Des Moines, Iowa who resides in Atlanta. For a relatively unknown model, she has a pretty impressive resume what most models would kill for, with her already being featured in FEDS, Sweets, Straight Stuntin, and Black Men’s magazines. She has also shot with SHOW pending release and she’s booked for Smooth Jamaica. You can see her in several music videos such as T.I.’s “Go Get It” and Tex James ft. B.O.B “Smart Girl”.

She’s Not a Whale Vag

Her name might confuse you, but Bella Sandiego hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and was an honor student in college. Can you believe this stunner also plays the cello? She just made it the sexiest instrument in the orchestra. Plus, Bella has a worldly background. The budding actress is Swedish and Moroccan. Wow, what a package. If your significant other allows you to, follow Bella on Twitter. As always, on behalf of F&TS, we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.