Mark Sanchez As The Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Stinks


For new Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, his first win for Philly must feel like eons ago. The Eagles blew out the Carolina Panthers in Week 10 45-21 on Monday night. Six days later, the Eagles lost to the Green Bay Packers 53-20 in embarrassing fashion. A fifty burger, ouch. SB Nation described Philly’s offensive effort this way, “worthless. They punted or turned the ball over on eight of their first 11 drives and didn’t find the end zone until midway through the third quarter. Mark Sanchez went 26-of-44 for 346 yards with two picks and two garbage-time touchdowns.”

The Green Bay Packers’ 53-20 win over the Eagles was a rout before halftime. The Eagles may have come off their best performance of the year, but less than a week later, have several new questions to answer. Sanchez, in only his second game as Eagles’ starter, threw two interceptions and lost two fumbles. One fumble was on a mishandled exchange with running back LeSean McCoy, and the other came on a poor snap from Jason Kelce. Two of the four turnovers led to touchdowns for the Packers.

Green Bay’s Clay Matthews sacks Philadelphia’s Mark Sanchez on Sunday. (Tom Lynn / Associated Press)

Sanchez was a Bad Decision

To Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly, F&TS should have warned you about trusting Mark Sanchez. New York Jets fans still haven’t recovered from his four-year tenure as their quarterback. Kelly runs an up-tempo offense that is best executed by a mobile quarterback, who makes quick decisions. That’s not Sanchez’s game. His best success for the Jets came off play-action passes and a strong running game. That’s not the Kelly offense. This marriage could go badly.

The atrocious performance of Sanchez against the Packers inspired an internet meme. Instagram user AsianAdamSchefter mashed up Sanchez’s infamous butt fumble with Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine cover. The post has gone viral since it’s debut on November 13.