The Must-See Instagram Greatness of Dolly Castro


Fantasy Football GM Vega is the winner of our league’s Money Maker competition. Vega selected fitness model, entrepreneur, and fashion designer Dolly Castro as his fantasy team ambassador. Dolly Castro is one of the most popular fitness models on Instagram and has competed in bodybuilding competitions. When she is not training, Castro is a legit money maker. She started several fitness brands and also launched DC Couture. DC Couture is a line of fashionable workout apparel and compliments body shapes of all sizes. Well done Ms. Castro. Let’s find out more about the fitness influencer and business mogul.


Who Exactly is Dolly Castro Chavez?

Dolly Castro was born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua. From a young age, Castro dreamt of becoming a chef, but her parents wanted her to become a lawyer, which they considered a much more prestigious profession. She followed her family’s wishes and attended law school. While she was attending school, Castro also began modeling. When the offers to model exclusively became too tempting to decline, Castro took a chance and moved to Miami, Florida. As her profile grew, Castro earned acting roles, began participating in fitness and bodybuilding competitions, and started to pursue her love for fashion design.

Castro now has more than six million followers on Instagram, where she shares with her fans her fitness regime, love for travel, and the success of her daughter, Karen.


The Castro Fitness Regiment

Dolly Castro has maintained her dedication to fitness throughout her adult life. Her favorite body parts to train are legs and abdominals, as you can see from her images. If you’re hoping to replicate Castro’s workouts, she recommends high reps of dumbbell squats, wide-grip pulldowns, lateral raises, and cross crunches. When it comes to maintaining weight, Castro believes the old adage, you are what you eat. She believes a proper diet and supplements play a bigger role in a strong body than the workouts themselves. She estimates that 70 percent of someone’s weight loss is attributed to proper nutrition, with the other 30% to exercises.

When asked about her favorite meals, Castro has been quoted interviews saying, “One of my favorite breakfasts to make on the weekends is a low carb protein french toast that is high in fiber. “I even make a little extra batter and keep it in the refrigerator for when I’m craving them but don’t have time to prepare the batter.“

In Conclusion

Thanks to team owner Vega for bringing our attention to Dolly Castro. We hope her story and strength lead to more fantasy football victories. Make sure to follow Dolly Castro on Instagram and her other social media channels.