Peyton and Eli Manning Combine to Throw Seven Interceptions


In one of the weirdest stats from today’s games, Eli Manning and his older brother Peyton Manning combined to throw seven interceptions on Sunday. The brothers’ lost to the San Francisco 49ers and the St. Louis Rams respectively. This is the first time in league history that the signal-calling brothers threw multiple interceptions on one NFL weekend. Eli’s losing day against was summed up by, “Manning was back to his old ways. He had not had a multiple-interception game since the second week of the season, but in the team’s most important game to date this season, he tossed five.

The entire New York Giants offense struggled, including the running game. Earlier this season, Rashad Jennings was hitting his stride as Big Blue’s primary ball carrier. With Jennings’ success came a three-game winning streak. The Giants’ subsequent four-game losing streak coincided with the former Raiders running back’s knee injury. It’s no surprise that Giants fans and observers were hoping the running back’s return meant a re-balancing of the offense and a turnaround to the season. But on Sunday against the 49ers, Jennings had just 18 carries for 59 yards.

Big Brother Peyton Joined the Turnover Party

Peyton Manning’s day against the last-place St. Louis Rams wasn’t much better. Manning went 34-54 for 389 yards, but he threw the two interceptions and had a passer rating of 75.3. Manning was held to one 42-yard touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders. Peyton Manning’s Sunday performance ended a streak of 15 consecutive games with at least two touchdown passes. Emmanuel Sanders later left with a concussion. Peyton told reporters after the game, ‘‘We didn’t execute very well and I just think I didn’t play very well,’’ Manning said. ‘‘No excuses. I have to play better and we have to score more points than seven.’’


All in Jest

F&TS’ sideline reporter, Richie ‘Dick’ Burns report that the Broncos and Giants have put in calls to Cooper Manning, the third Manning brother. The teams will be bringing him this week to take snaps under center. Hopefully, Cooper can avoid combining with Eli and Peyton to throw more than seven interceptions on an NFL weekend.