Katy Perry Set to Roar At Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show


F&TS and the New York Post are reporting the NFL has selected “Ms. Teenage Dream” Katy Perry to headline the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show in Arizona in February. The halftime show will be sponsored by Pepsi, who had previously worked with Perry to promote her film “Part of Me.” The singer is one of the hottest acts on the charts and is known for songs like ‘I Kissed a Girl,’ ‘Firework’ and ‘Dark Horse.’ Teenage Dream, her 2010 studio album featured five No. 1 hits and made Katy Perry only the second artist to ever have five No. 1 singles from one album. The NFL finally did something right.

Ms. Perry has been showing her sporty side recently. She appeared on ESPN’s “College GameDay” last weekend and implored Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight to “Call me!” Plus, after correctly predicting Ole Miss would defeat Alabama, she chugged beers and crowd surfed at a local bar.

Katy Perry | Rolling Stone | 2014

Half Time Finally Gets Contemporary

In the aftermath of Janet Jackson and Nipplegate, the NFL booked more classic rockers like Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones for the Super Bowl Halftime show over pop acts. Thankfully two years ago, someone at the NFL downloaded Spotify and choose younger artists like Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. Looks like the “No Fun League” is finally trying to be hipper.

Katy Perry | Esquire Magazine | 2014

Perry has become one of the highest-selling singers of all time. In September 2012, Billboard dubbed her the “Woman of the Year.” From May 2010 to September 2011, she spent a record-breaking total of 69 consecutive weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. Teenage Dream became the first album by a female artist to produce five number-one Billboard Hot 100 singles. But some words of advice, don’t ask top-tier performers to “pay for play.” There were news reports that the NFL asked three leading candidates, Rihanna, Coldplay, and Perry, if they would “pay to play” the Super Bowl. At the time, Perry said, “I’m not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl.”

Katy Perry | GQ | 2014

Tastes vary, but it’s hard to argue that Perry is incredibly alluring. The FTS head writer volunteers to select Perry’s setlist, surprise guests, and wardrobe. He personally volunteers to mic her up in her private dressing room, with the lights down, and some chilled champagne. We just wanted to be helpful and make sure Katy Perry outs on a great Super Bowl Halftime show performance. The images for our article are courtesy of Rolling Stone, Esquire, and GQ.

Katy Perry | GQ Cover | 2014