Throwback Thursday: Jenna Jameson Starred In Our Vivid Dreams


Before the marriages, kids, and mortgages, the members of our NFL Fantasy Football league spent some of our formative years admiring Jenna Jameson. Jameson is one of the most successful adult actresses of all time. Jenna Jameson was one of the most popular guests on The Howard Stern Show and the star of many of our vivid dreams. To celebrate Throwback Thursday, we put together a few SFW images of Ms. Jameson. Plus, we’re giving you some details about how she got started in the industry and what’s she up to now.

Jenna Jameson made a name for herself as one of the most prolific and famous adult entertainers of the 1990s and 2000s. After working as a stripper and glamour model, Jameson entered the adult film world and became a sensation. Following her incredible breakthrough, she started her own adult entertainment company. She launched ClubJenna, which managed and produced adult content in 2000.


Jameson In the Mainstream

Adult entertainers often faced huge barriers when trying to crack into the mainstream. Sure Jameson wasn’t a household name everywhere she went. But, she was able to break barriers her fellow adult entertainers couldn’t.  The E! channel’s “Wild On” travel series featured Jameson in one of its episodes from the Cannes Film Festival. Because of its high ratings, Jameson got the opportunity to guest host the show for several episodes, traveling to Asia. Plus, Jameson appeared in Howard Stern’s 1997 movie, “Private Parts,” playing one of the shock jock’s most controversial early guests. Jameson also made appearances in the independent wrestling company, ECW, and appeared in the video for Eminem’s track, “Without Me.” Later on, she released her autobiography, How To Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale in 2004. The memoir spent six weeks on the top of The New York Times Best Seller List.


Jameson Dating Past

Adult entertainers tend to have a vivid dating history and Jameson was no different. In the ’90s Jameson was in a relationship with fellow adult entertainer Brad Armstrong. After that relationship ended, Jameson was linked to several musicians and celebrities. Jameson allegedly dated Motley Crue’s Nikki Six, Tommy Lee, as well as rock guitar player Dave Navarro. One of Jameson’s longer-term relationships was with MMA fighter Tito Ortiz. Ortiz and Jameson lived together for four years and are parents to twins.

Not all stories have a happy ending and since Jameson retired from the adult industry in 2008, she’s reportedly battled addiction issues. The life of an adult entertainer is not easy and becoming that notorious at so early an age must have been difficult. Our only hope is that with time and support, she can lead a happy and healthy post-porn life.


The Vivid Dreams

Earning the title of “Queen of Porn” is a double-edged sword. Jameson got fame, notoriety, and earned a lot of money from her chosen profession. But based on some of her post-porn statements and actions, she has regrets. If we had a chance to meet her, we’d first like to say, Jenna Jameson, thanks for the vivid memories. You were a big part of a lot of red-blooded adolescents’ coming off age. We hope that now that the bright lights of adult fame have dimmed, you can find some peace and tranquility. Good luck to you. Apart from your roles, you were incredibly beautiful, personable, and seemed sweet. We hope that’s still the case.