John Oliver Rips the NFL for its Reaction to Ray Rice


The gruesome details of NFL running back Ray Rice’s assault of his girlfriend in an elevator continue to infuriate the public, fellow players, and sports fans. But to date, the league’s critics feel the NFL isn’t reacting quickly enough. While the Baltimore Ravens has taken action against its own player, Commissioner Goodell is taking a wait and see approach. John Oliver on his HBO program, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver went off on the NFL’s tepid reaction to the Ray Rice domestic violence incident.

The disturbing footage shows the running back knocking out his girlfriend with one punch during an argument. We won’t show the video on First&Ten Sports, it sickens us. Oliver hysterically ripped the league for ‘pussyfooting’ around the issues of domestic violence and player misconduct. Oliver saved his best line for Steve Bisciotti, the owner of the Baltimore Ravens. We agree Bisciotti does look like a ‘candy apple with teeth.’

Players React to Ray Rice Video

On a more serious and positive note, thankfully Ray Rice’s actions have been vilified by several NFL players. Our gallery includes Michael Oher, a member of the Ravens, and Louis Riddick, an analyst for ESPN. But in the interviews, did they have to imagine their own daughter or wives as victims to say Rice was wrong? Here’s a message to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. For a league that has been accused of promoting violence, it’s time for the league to more severely punish players involved in domestic violence matters.

Our Soapbox

The Rice video is shocking and disturbing, but what makes these situations worse is the legal wrangling and spin people associated with players’ misconduct. The video clearly shows Rice striking his female companion and knocking her out with one punch. What is there more to discuss? The Ravens should indefinitely suspend the player. The NFL should do the same. There is no way Rice should be allowed to be an active member of a roster and earn a paycheck, while he is under investigation. It’s up to law enforcement authorities to administer justice. The NFL must set a strict policy that protects women from violence from their partners who play in the league. It’s bizarre that it takes John Oliver to succinctly express the rage everyone should feel about Ray Rice.

Thanks to Josh Underwood’s YouTube channel for the video. Feature image courtesy of the New York Daily News.