Guess The Winning Mystery Booty of the Week


Team Tricky Dick, otherwise known as Team Rich, won our weekly unofficial team ambassador competition. In hopes of securing his NFL Fantasy Football matchup, Rich selected a mystery model’s image poolside as his team photo. Rich won the week, but because he’s stubborn, he failed to reveal his identity. What gives? No hints, no insights into where he found the image. He wouldn’t even tell us where the image was taken. F&TS made a decision, we sent our most intrepid reporter Richie “Dick” Burns to crack the case. Why did we send Burns? Well, it’s because he knows a guy. The mystery model, and likewise, mystery booty of Week 11 in the NFL is adult entertainer Jada Stevens.


Jada Stevens Is More Than Her Booty

Stevens has become an award-winning actress in the adult film industry and has gained a legion of fans for her backside. Well, Candace Jackson (Stevens’ real name) must get it from her mama and takes her curves in stride. Her Instagram profile name is @2cheekzback. Very funny Ms. Stevens and apparently you have a great sense of humor. Stevens grew up in Georgia and has become a popular figure in the hip-hop world. In an interview with HipHipDX in 2010, Stevens said about a possible crush on Soulja Boy said, Me and Jayla Starr were … we, uhm … yeah, I do. But I live in Atlanta, so he’s an Atlanta boy. Maybe it’s a Twitter crush (laughs), not [a real life] crush. I don’t he’d be able to handle me. [Laughs].

When asked who her favorite current rapper was, Stevens said, “I haven’t met a lot of artists that I want to. All the ones that I met, I didn’t wanna meet. But D4L, I love T.I. T.I. is my ultimate favorite, but I haven’t met him yet. Shawty Lo, Rick Ross is cool, I love 50 Cent.” In 2011, Complex ranked her forty-third on their list of “The 50 Hottest White Girls With Ass.” She was also placed on CNBC‘s list of “The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s biggest stars” in 2015.


Her Early Life

Stevens was a member of her high school cheerleading squad, worked at McDonald’s as a teenager and Eckherd’s pharmacy. Jada had initially planned to train as a veterinarian but after graduating from high school she began working as an exotic dancer in various Atlanta nightclubs. About her school days, Stevens said, “I was a cheerleader and was always considered the good girl. I’ve always had a good family life. Very close to them and it’s still that way.”

Well, there you have–this week’s winning mystery booty belongs to Jada Stevens. Congratulations on the win Rich. We won’t tell your wife.