It’s a Kim Kardashian vs Naya Rivera Face Off


Kim Kardashian West’s naked body is making waves again. The Paper Magazine cover featuring Kim Kardashian has already broken the internet. But It seems not everyone is happy about the cover’s success. Naya Rivera, the gorgeous former ex-fiancee of Big Sean, threw some serious shade at Kardashian for showing her backside. The Glee star joined the rest of the world in logging on for a look at the famous Kardashian backside in all its glory on Tuesday, Nov. 11. The newly married actress throw shade in Kim’s direction. Rivera left a comment on Kardashian’s Instagram that read, I normally don’t. But…you’re someone’s mother….” It’s officially Kim Kardashian vs Naya Rivera.

The bootylicious reality TV star apparently isn’t bothered. “Kim doesn’t care, she just thinks it’s funny,” a source close to Kardashian told Us Weekly. “Naya is such a copycat, always doing whatever Kim does.”

Jean-Paul Goude was the photographer behind Kim Kardashian’s legendary Paper magazine cover. Jean-Paul Goude/Paper

Naya Has Been Accused of Being a Kardashian Wannabe

We don’t like to pit beautiful women against one another. F&TS loves all the ladies. But the celebrity observers and the tabloids have reported that Rivera does follow in Kardashian’s footsteps often. Us Weekly wrote, “The brunette actress [Naya] used Kardashian’s hairstylist when she married [her] husband Ryan Dorsey in September. She reportedly wore a dress similar to the 34-year-old’s Givenchy wedding gown that she wore for her marriage to Kanye West in May. We’re thinking she might draw the line at nude butt modeling though!” PopSugar put together a gallery of shots that look eerily similar.

Talk about shots fired! F&TS hopes these two ladies can kiss and make up. Begrudingly, we’d host a grudge match featuring Kim Kardashian vs Naya Rivera in a heartbeat. For the children. This way, the two olive skinned beauties can settle their differences once and for all. Let’s get it on!