Fashion Looks Hotter on the Instagram Photos of Aisha Thalia


Bikini or Lingerie Looks Hot on Thalia

As a means to inspire my fellow fantasy football GMs to victory, we came up with an idea. On a weekly basis, we encourage league participants to choose a gorgeous female to represent their team. We called our idea Money Maker. The appeal of their model, in essence, helped them make money. The team ambassador of the winning GM is then profiled on F&TS the following week. This past weekend, GM Joel Velez won the week with 144 points in our TD league. His Money Maker ambassador was Aisha Thalia. Accordingly, she merits a feature on our site. One look at the Instagram photos of Aisha Thalia and you’ll agree any kind of fashion looks better on her.

Who is Aisha Thalia?

First and foremost, Aisha Thalia is a model, actress, and activist. As XXL described her, “With a body of a goddess and an exotic look, Thalia has made her presence felt on social media.” Beyond her assets, Thalia isn’t satisfied with being just a pretty face in the crowd. She’s a part-time elementary school teacher in literacy and is working on a second master’s degree. Legacy Magazine nominated her to their “40 Under 40 Leaders of Today and Tomorrow” in 2012. Furthermore, she has co-hosted a hip-hop radio show in Miami. In comparison to other models we’ve profiled, she’s a rare triple threat of beauty, intelligence, and social consciousness.

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It’s incredible how Thalia’s mocha skin tone and curves make the clothes she wears look even more stunning. Thalia has a rare ability to make vibrant colors pop, as well as neutral tones, like a white bikini. We hope you enjoy these Aisha Thalia Instagram photos during your private time. We encourage you to follow her on all her social media platforms and her passion for helping others. Aisha is also into vegan awareness, fighting against homelessness, and helping the youth. So then if you consider yourself socially-conscious, follow Thalia.