Worst NFL Fantasy Football Moves of Week 1 (2015-16)


As anyone who’s ever gone through a twelve-stop program, the first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. I consider myself a savvy NFL Fantasy Football player and a bit of a perfectionist. I can deal with losing, but I can’t stand it when I lose based on my own mistakes. In fact, I hate making mistakes and this weekend, I cost myself victory with the worst fantasy football moves of Week 1 of the 2015-16 season. I left 24 fantasy points on my bench between two players. I am officially the dumbass of the week in my NFL Fantasy Football league.

Tight End Jordan Reed

That’s A Lot of Fantasy Points

In the opening game of their season, the Miami Dolphins traveled to Landover, Maryland to take on Washington. Washington may have lost the game 17-10, but tight end Jordan Reed had seven receptions for 63 yards and one touchdown. That’s twelve fantasy points in standard-scoring fantasy leagues. Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins threw for nearly 200 yards in the game but also threw two interceptions.

Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

In the Monday night contest between the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia rallied behind new quarterback Sam Bradford, taking the lead for the first time at 24-23 on Ryan Mathews‘ 1-yard run with 8:37 remaining. For the most part, Mathews and Darren Sproles energized the Eagles running attack on the ground. High-priced free agent new Eagles’ running back DeMarco Murray had a quiet night with just nine yards rushing on eight attempts. From a fantasy perspective, Sproles had 126 yards rushing and receiving on only 12 plays from scrimmage. That’s a lot of production. Sproles scored 12 fantasy points in standard-scoring formats. My team did not have Sproles in our starting lineup and he remained solidly on our bench. Ouch, between Reed and Sproles that’s 24 fantasy football points that we missed out on.

Team Marin is having a rough fantasy season so far. It could get late, early. He received a “C-” on his draft and lost his opening day matchup. Team Marin better get its butt in gear and start taking some smart pills. In the meantime, the ultimate league trash talker will have to walk away with his tails between his legs. ‘Damn, damn, damn.’

Always Count on Moral Support

When you make two of the worst fantasy football moves of the week, it’s good to know you can rely on your friends to offer some words of encouragement. Unfortunately, I don’t have those kinds of friends. I was ridiculed mercilessly all day Monday and Tuesday. Plus my friends send me the meme below to pour salt in my wounds. Oh, the pain.

Happy Gilmore meme | Adam Sandler