Fitness Model Paige Hathaway Is A Superwoman


Watching NFL football is a big commitment of time. If you’re a passionate fan, it’s at least 12 hours on Sunday. Add in the weekday night games and that’s an additional 10 hours of sitting on your couch or laid up in bed. Then you add the junk food and beer and it’s obvious why so many NFL fans are out of shape. We can’t be lazy bums our whole lives. Guys hit the gym, go for a run, or at least take the stairs more often. It’s got for your health and your significant other may let you watch more sports if you’re swoll. Fitness model Paige Hathaway is the best workout inspiration we’ve come across in a long time. Her Instagram feed is a must follow.


Hathaway Is A Superwoman

Hathaway grew up in Minnesota and Oklahoma. After unsuccessful attempts at becoming a fitness model, she entered a fitness competition in the Sooner State a decade ago. She played soccer and was athletic, but obviously not as ‘ripped’ as she is now. A trainer at Hathaway’s local gym approached her and talked to her about proper health and nutrition in 2011. She hired the trainer, changed her workout routine, added weightlifting to her regiment, and the rest is social media history.

Hathaway told the Dallas Morning News about her the early days of her fitness journey, “I remember I would get weird looks in the gym,” Hathaway says. “I would be taking selfies after workouts, and at that time people really didn’t do that stuff. I didn’t even know what I was doing back then.”

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The fitness icon told Women’s Health in March about her craziest fan story. “I was in Australia for a fit expo, and a guy bought me this necklace from Swarovski crystals. …Everyone was looking [and I] was so embarrassed. I was like, ‘What is this guy doing? [Is he] proposing?’ Because he got out this small box, and I was like, ‘Ah!’ I didn’t know what to say—[all I] could say was thank you.”

She’s Gone Blond

A change to blonde has made fitness model Paige Hathaway even more beautiful. We didn’t think it was possible, but in our opinion, Hathaway is more stunning now. If you’re an avid reader of F&TS, you know we’re partial to blondes. Best of luck in your endeavors and we gotta go hit the gym.