The Rams’ Rodney McLeod Delivers Big Hit to Emmanuel Sanders


The St. Louis Rams’ safety Rodney McLeod delivered a vicious hit to Denver Broncos’ wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders during his team’s over Denver 22-7. Sanders remained down on the field for several minutes and did not return to the game. Team medical officials diagnosed Sanders with a concussion and he was helped from the field. McLeod drew a 15-yard penalty for the play, but the slow-motion replay showed McLeod led with his shoulder. Also, Sanders did not appear to lose consciousness. However, NFL will review the play to determine if McLeod merits additional penalties.

The Rams had the Broncos on their heels early. Veteran backup quarterback Shaun Hill, who replaced Austin Davis under center, found Kenny Britt for a 63-yard touchdown with less than two minutes to go in the first quarter. That gave the Rams a 10-0 lead, and they’d add three more before Denver finally got on the board when Manning found  Sanders for a 42-yard score toward the end of the first half.


Sanders Joins of Growing List of Injured Broncos

Emmanuel Sanders was a Broncos free-agent signing in the 2014 offseason and has become one of Peyton Manning’s favorite targets. Sanders caught five passes for 102 yards and a 42-yard touchdown before the injury, serving as Denver’s most effective weapon. St. Louis Rams’ defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has a reputation for creating hard-hitting defenses. Williams’ tendencies were not lost on fans and observers. The Broncos lost tight end Julian Thomas and running back Montee Ball to injuries on Sunday as well.

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The good news is that according to F&TS correspondent Mike Hunt, Sanders was responsive in the locker room after receiving the big hit from Rodney McLeod. The former Steeler will undergo a battery of tests as part of the NFL’s concussion protocols. He must pass a battery of tests before being allowed to return to the active roster. On a lighter note, when three of the Boldin Beautiful team owners saw the hit they remarked, “Sanders is okay, but he was wishing everyone a Happy Easter.” We hope Sanders returns to the field soon, once he clears the league’s concussion protocols.